Wednesday 31 December 2008

Final post of the year

Lego Star Wars AT-ATI do hope you had a wonderful Christmas?!

I had such a fantastic time in Manchester. It really was the best Christmas I've had in yonks! I bought Chris a Lego Star Wars AT-AT (he's thirty-two, but like me, in his mind he's only about fourteen) and on Boxing Day Chris, his brother Kev and I spent about three hours building it. It walks in that clunky, heavy-footed AT-AT way and its head moves about too. Dang, I love Lego! The other night I asked Chris to send me a photo of the AT-AT so I could blog it. I was expecting a grainy iPhone photo but I received this super duper Chris-enhanced image instead. He's a clever thing!

Did anyone see Eastenders on Christmas Day? Ha! I loved the whole thing about Christian's vest! (You may remember that I was on about that a while back.) I think the highlight of Christmas telly for me was the Gavin & Stacey special. I found Bryn's glee at the wonder of Mint Baileys hilarious! I'm so pleased that they're making a third series.

So have you eaten all your Christmas food and nibbles? The other day my auntie was saying how fed up she was with cold turkey but I love the stuff! I think I had three cold turkey dinners at Chris's parents' house. In fact I'm thinking of cooking another Christmas dinner this weekend just so I can have cold turkey, stuffing and oodles of pickled red cabbage again! Talking of food, remember how Chris got all arty with the mini party food the other week? Well, it's a case of Like Mother, Like Son because his Mum got all Delia with the salmon rolls and prawns on Boxing Day. Check this out :

Lynne's fancy salmon 'bunny' arrangement!  ;o)We're just hours away from a New Year. This year has been a particularly hectic one for me, what with the move and everything, and it would seem that 2009 is going to be just as busy. Chris and I are going to get a place together next year so I shall be moving to Cambridge at some point. It all feels mighty grown-up and tiny bit scary ..... but totally exciting!

Thank you for your custom and your interest in my work and waffle these past twelve months. Here's to a beady 2009! Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Laura - glad you had an excellent Christmas too. Exciting times ahead for you - all the best for 2009.
    Caroline x

  2. Happy New Year, Laura. Now, can't you get Chris to move closer rather than you moving even further away from the South Coast???!!!!
    Looking forward to meeting you in March

    Kay, So'ton x

  3. Nothing wrong with Lego - hubby is now 35 and still loves making it - formula one car last year. Thankfully the little one is getting into it so they cycle starts all over again.
    All the best for 2009 Vxx

  4. Thanks for the New Year wishes, ladies. :o)

    Kay - I do seem to be drifting further and further away from Hampshire, don't I? Chris's job is in Cambridge whereas I can kind of do mine anywhere. Looking forward to meeting you too!

  5. I WANT THAT AT-AT! how cool is that?! ah, the days of lego. i remember them fondly :) we still have a chest of the stuff! well, my folks do and they are under instruction NOT to throw it away. we've all bribed them promising grandkids to play with it ;)

    happy new year to you too. this is a bit of a delayed comment as i ma just catching up on everything i missed in my 'shutdown' month! x


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