Sunday 7 December 2008

Mince Pies

Homemade Mince PiesI spent this morning making beads and this afternoon baking mince pies. These are homemade all-butter shortcrust pastry filled with mincemeat, almonds, cherries and a slosh of Jack Daniel's for added Christmassy naughtiness!


  1. These look so good, I bet they taste even better than they look. Must get that reciepe from you. Love the beads also.xx

  2. Yum yum and that's from the girly who doesn't like mincemeat :)

  3. Thank you, Tina. I must say, they do taste pretty good. They'd be better with a blob of brandy butter, though. Must get some .....

    Veryan - you don't like mince pies? Actually, nor does my Dad so I get to eat this lot. I made him jam tarts instead!

  4. What IS mincemeat anyway?

  5. Lori - mincemeat is a rich, fruity mixture of sultanas, currants, raisins, apples, spices, suet and normally a bit of alcohol. Yum!

    Originally mincemeat used to contain actual meat, hence the name, but now it normally just consists of fruity loveliness!


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