Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow Glee!

Me In The Snowy GardenI know that the snow is causing a huge amount of disruption across the country at the moment but I'm totally loving the stuff! I went to bed late last night (I was absorbed in knitting a sock) and when I turned the television off I could hear the soft sound of snowflakes falling upon the conservatory roof. All of our Monday snow had melted away so my snow excitement was renewed and I kept waking up every hour or so last night to peer out of the window and see if the white stuff was still falling.

When I got up this morning I was delighted to see about ten centimetres of snow outside! Snow just makes everything look magically beautiful, doesn't it? Like an absolute child I got dressed and rushed outside to play. Yes, I'm thirty one but you've got to make the most of snow like that!

I built a little snowcat. Her name is Bianca and her eyes and nose are made of beads from my Lonelies jar. I only made a tiny one as I didn't want to use all the snow up!

Bianca SnowcatNow that my hands have thawed out and my kiln is warmed up I shall switch from fashioning cats from snow to creating cakes from glass. Thank you so much for the fabulous response to last night's Cupcake beads. Something tells me I'll be making a lot of these. Do any of you out there have any colour or decoration suggestions for them? If so, please leave them in my comments section and I'll see what I can do.

See you later!


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
our beadgroup challenge this year is using purple beads, I would love to see a cupcake with violets, like the ones on the violet cream chocolates my gran used to eat.


Jelveh Designs said...

Hi Laura, love the cat and the eyes and the nose...I have been having fun with the snow there is so much more of it today than over the weekend...
see you soon
P.S. love the cup cake icing, that makes them all your own in the glass world, very nicely done...

Laura said...

OK, Lynne. I shall have a go!

Thanks Jelveh! We do have a lot of snow today, don't we?

Thanks for the cupcake compliments. Your words mean a lot.

See you next week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura
My sister suggested you could put little Easter eggs on the top of the cupcakes for Easter (like the sugary-coated Cadbury's chocolate little Easter eggs). Or little chicks/similar.
I'll be placing an order for some cupcakes soon - need to check out the Flickr pics first.
Kay, Soton x

mattresses said...

That is a lovely piece of art work.