Wednesday, 22 July 2009


How's things?

I'm just having my lunch and am currently eating a yoghurt that was left over from when Robyn came to stay. It's a Munch Bunch half-vanilla-half-strawberry-as-much-calcium-as-a-dairy-farm type thing and it is really mank! Doesn't taste like yoghurt at all. It's certainly not like the Munch Bunch yoghurt that I remember from the 80s. Rubbish!

I know I said I'd post photos but I never got around to it - I was too busy playing Lego, reading books, baking cakes (then dropping them on the floor as I took them out of the oven) and having my make-up and nails done by Robyn.

Anyway, I do have some beads in the kiln. I shall post a photo later and I'll put them up for sale in the usual place at 8.30pm tonight. I do warn you, it is a BIG set. I got in the groove, couldn't stop and I'd hate to break the wodge of beads down into smaller sets as they just all belong together like one big beady family. So these will be fab for a jewellery maker who is looking to stock up with some fancy beads to make lots of pieces with. Stay tuned for pics .....