Sunday, 26 July 2009

More Cupcakes?

Lampwork Glass Cupcake BeadsI have deliberated about this and mulled it over endlessly. After the Cupcake Mountain earlier in the year I was almost ready to say that there will be no more Cupcake beads.

Then I went through the wodge of when-are-you-going-to-make-more-cupcakes? emails that I've received over the past few weeks and this morning, after a cupcake conversation with Chris, I've decided this :

I will make more BUT they will be in batches. This way I won't get a huge backlog of orders. I'll take orders for so many, make them, post them out and then when I feel ready again I'll offer up another batch. This way I won't get bead despondent and stressed. I know - I sound like a fragile drip-of-a-thing, don't I, but hey, I can't control the way the arty-beady department of my brain works!

So this is a bit of an advanced warning I'm giving you, dear blog readers. Tomorrow night at 7.00pm I will replace the PayPal shopping cart buttons on the Cupcake page of my website. I will then take orders for Cupcakes. When the number of Cupcakes ordered reaches 50 I will remove those PayPal buttons. (That's not 50 orders, that's 50 individual cake beads or pendants.) I will then make those 50 cakes and pendants and they will be posted out by the end of August.

After that batch is cleared I will arrange the ordering and baking of another lot.

This seems to me like the only way I can do the Cupcake thing without driving myself insane in the process. I have allowed myself four weeks to make and post the orders as I have to keep my 'usual' beads in production too.

So, if you'd like some Cupcakes, set your alarm for 7.00pm tomorrow evening and place your orders then!

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Vonnie said...

Bum! This is what I get for going on holiday :p