Sunday, 5 July 2009

What was I thinking?!

I've just had the most disgusting lunch ever.

You see, every weekend (except for the ones I'm with Chris because we eat all proper and civilised then, or try to) at some point I always have to have what I call a 'childhood meal'. These meals consist of things that I used to have on a Saturday or Sunday evening as a kid. Saturdays were Mum's day off from cooking and we'd have sandwiches for lunch and a light meal such as soup and bread for dinner. Then Sunday was roast lunch day and we'd have something like buttered crumpets at tea time because we would all be full up from Mum's lovely cooking. I have fond memories of sitting in front of the telly on a Sunday evening after my bath, watching Hi-De-Hi! in my nightie (a 100% nylon Pippa Dee one) munching on a toasted Marmite sandwich while Dad dried my hair ready for school the next day. We would turn the volume up loud so we could hear the hilarious jokes on the telly over the noise of the hairdryer.

So now every other weekend I have things like Heinz Ravioli, bacon sarnies, cheese on toast, crumpets, Heinz Hoops on toast or eggy bread. I know what you're thinking and I know it's a tad childish. But it's nice.

When I was in Tesco the other day I was about to grab a can of Heinz Ravioli in tomato sauce when I saw some Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese and I thought 'I haven't had that for yonks! Dang, that used to taste nice!' and I swiped a can off the shelf and triumphantly put it in my basket.

I've just cooked that spaghetti.

And that was such a mistake.

It. Was. Rank.

Either my tastes have developed since I was about eleven or they've changed the recipe. I suspect that the former is the case. I tell you, it looked horrid and it tasted ten times worse so I'll be sticking to the ravioli and hoops in the future.

I'll tell you what hasn't changed, though. Weekend evening television. Bar Casualty, which is now yawningly boring, the telly schedule is so lame it's untrue. The Graham Norton fest that is Totally Saturday is just unspeakably awful. I think I'd rather watch re-runs of Hi-De-Hi!


Jean said...

I watch the Comedy Roadshow, if I haven't fallen asleep over Casualty!!
We had a salad sandwich and Muller Rice Pudding for our Sunday lunch!!
Shocking. We intend to have a proper dinner later, but I know we will both decide to have muffins and jam. Good Job we are not Wheat intolerant ;)

Laura said...

Jean, you sound like you like the same sorts of food as me!

Enjoy your muffins. :o)

Mel P said...

We had marmite crumpets with lashings of butter so that it dripped down our chins, for tea tonight. A little gross but tasty! We went to see the new Jonny Depp film last night, which was tearmakingly disappointing, I was sooo bored! I love JP, but this is not a film I recommend, I think Saturday night TV may have been marginally better viewing!!

Caroline B said...

Sometimes it's best not to re-visit what you remember as being nice...although I had a cheese & fresh onion sarnie this week, I haven't had one of those for simply years - it was great. I used to love fruit scones & Marmite....still do!

Sue Doran said...

:-) I did exactly the same when I saw a box of Frosties on the shelf a few years back, I remember them being g-r-r-r-reat! They are impossibly sweet to an adult's tastebuds - yuk!

Anonymous said...

My fave kids 'meal' that I always enjoy is jelly and Angel delight but you have to make it in a certain way! Jelly made as normal and poured into the bottom of the glass/dish. Put in fridge and wait until it's just set! Then make Angel Delight as usual (as directed on packet) and spread over the jelly. HEAVEN!!!