Sunday, 5 July 2009

Roll up, roll up! It's giveaway time!

Lampwork Poppy PendantI realised yesterday that I haven't done the name-in-the-hat thing for ages, have I? Thought I'd better rectify that.

The prize this time is a pretty Poppy pendant. The bead is quite chunky, very tactile and comfy-to-wear. The pendant is ready to be slipped onto a chain or ribbon. All the findings are sterling silver.

If you fancy a shot at winning it all you have to do is leave a comment, or email me if you prefer, telling me what your favourite flower is. I'll also need your full name. (Last time I wrote that a few people gave me their middle names as well which isn't necessary but if you feel like sharing your middle name with me please go ahead and do so!)

The prize draw is open to anyone anywhere in the universe but it's only one entry per person, folks.

I'll put all the names in the Lego Tombola on the evening of Monday July 13th and I'll draw a winner and announce who that lucky person is here on my blog.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Oooh...I love this pendant, & I have a poppy sweater it would look too cute with! My favorite flower is the sunflower which we have blooming in our yard at the moment...such happy flowers!
Thanks for the chance to enter!!
Jessica Carlisle

Mel P said...

Scrummy!! My fav flowers are corn flowers, such a deep rich blue. We had some on the garden, alas Leon decided to pick them for me. Very sweet but a little heart breaking. He was so proud of himself!!
This is an ace giveaway thank you Laura smooches
Mel Poxon xxx

Caroline B said...

I want it! My favourite flower has to be the freesia just for the sake of that fantastic scent - sends me into raptures!
Caroline x

BeadyPool said...

Hmmm, tough one as I love all flowers. Probably daffodils as when they are out Spring is definately here.
Veryan Parkerx

Unknown said...

Hi Laura

This is a difficult questions to answer as I love so many flowers, for different reasons. BUT, will pick sweet peas - they are very colourful, remind me of summer and have such a wonderful fragrance (and it's one thing I can grow, without killing!!)
Kathryn Abrahams

Jo Sacker said...

Sweet Peas for me - the scent takes me back to my childhood - although there is something magical about a field of poppies - love it.

Anonymous said...

Loving your poppy's Laura.
My favourite flower is the good old english rose. So many shapes, colours and smells.
Pam Purslow

Joy Funnell said...

Well it just has to be poppies for me. When we are out in the car at this time of year I am like a big kid - oooh poppies, POPPIES, MORE POPPIES. Hubby get a bit fed up with me I think!!! :)

Sue said...

I love the Iris. So many rich color combinations and a very delicate shape. Sue Kirby

Anonymous said...

What a lovely pendant! :) My fave flower is the orchid.

Victoria Parkinson

PatchworkRose said...

Just Adore your pendant. Colours are so rich and intense.
My Favourite flower is the Rose and all her beauty :-)
Lynne Sanders

CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

Impossible to choose! Gerbras, lillies, orchids.... too many to narrow it down to one!

Virginia Rees said...

Gorgeous pendant Laura. I love poppies and dragged hubby out with his camera the other day to take pics in our local fields. I haven't got one favorite flower as I love poppies, daffodils and bluebells. I love to see how the bluebells fill the woods with a gorgeous carpet of blue. :o)

Vicky Wan said...

I think my favourite flower would have to be jasmin. I love the smell.

Vicky Wan

Unknown said...

My favourite flower has to be a gardenia. I love the purity of its colour (which soon fades to yellow), the fleshiness of its petals and the scent....mmmm....there's nothing like a warm summer's evening with the heady scent of gardenia in the air (not in this country of course!)

Mary Kent

Colleen said...

Oh beautiful! My favourite flowers are...oh do I really have to pick one? Sweetpeas I think would top the list...they smell delicious and make me smiles as it means that the sun is coming!

Colleen *Pamela* Nurse :D

Unknown said...

Laura - this pendant is gorgeous. My favourite flowers are tulips - I love that they are a bit chaotic in the vase and they continue to grow after they have been cut.
Suzanne Sweeney

Lindsey Akehurst said...

Ooh fabulous poppy pendant Laura! :) My favourite flowers, after much consideration, are mesembryanthemums (a tough one to spell!!) but they're simple and brightly coloured :D
Best of luck to everyone entering the draw!
Best wishes,
Lindsey Akehurst

Laura Sparling said...

What fab flower choices! In case you're wondering I'm gathering ideas for some more flower beads.

Suzanne - snap! Tulips are my favourites too. Bright red ones!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! My favorite flower is a tulip!

Lauri Nelson

Sherry said...

I love the color :) hope this is open for international :)

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Shari said...

My favourite flower is the gerbera...I love the clean lines and bright colours.

Shari Mumby

Beadlibitum -Perlen nach Belieben said...

Such a pretty pendant. I love poppys as they are so seldom to find in this times.



beth said...

Super pendant giveaway Laura, thanks for the chance!
I love delphiniums, even in a balcony trough they grow and grow and grow, upwards and outwards and still remain architecturally pleasing somehow! They come in a range of fabulous blues with bright white starry centres - only caveat: no perfume but gorgeous nevertheless.

Jean said...

That is a lovely pendant Laura.

I still have the cup cake one you made for me. Me! No one else!

I love Tulips too and blowsy roses!

Anonymous said...

I love spring flowers, especially the displays of daffodils after the winter gloom. Beautiful poppy pendant, your beads are fabulous!
Jill Page

stitchitch said...

I love Gerberas, they are so smiley! :O)
Jenna Eyres

Hettie said...

Striking pendant Laura!

I can't choose between the crocus (gorgeous, vibrant colours so early in the year), tulips (again, fabulous colours), and freesia, both for their colour and scent.

Then again, there is the pretty little bell shape of Lily of the Valley, and it's wonderful aroma!

Good luck everyone :-)

Heather Pearson

Unknown said...

Loved the poppy beads and the pendant is gorgeous! I'd have to say my favorite flower is the sunflower. I also love wisteria, it reminds me of my grandmother.

Carla Sisco

Sue Doran said...

I love your poppy beads, especially the way the ones on the back come through so it's like a closeup photograph taken in a field of them, those are the ones in the background.

My favourite flower is corn flower and calendula comes a close second. Both easy to grow, the reason the corn flower wins is the exquisite blue colour. Mmmm ... blue ....

SueBeads said...

My favorite flowers are pink tulips! I can't grow tulips because of the deer, so my engineer brings me them when they are in season!!! I love your poppies, too, thanks for having a giveaway!
Susan Kennedy

Anonymous said...

HI Laura
My favourite flower is the crocosmia because they are so dainty and colourful!:)
Naomi Tillin

Sarah said...

Hi Laura!
The Poppy pendant is gorgeous. My favorite flower is tulip.

Have a nice day.

/Sarah Flood

Anonymous said...

mmm poppies are a fave but parrot tulips are my absolute number 1.
Thanks for your entertaining blog!
*Melissa Reitzel

paulina said...

Hi Laura

Love your poppies. Favorite flower? Well, that's like asking for a favorite food!

I love flowers where you can see their reproductive parts all huge and laden with pollen - like Oriental Poppies and Tulips. Fav is bright yellow tulips!

pauline mccabe

Laura Sparling said...

Thanks for all the entries everyone!

I think a few comments have gone walkabout. I've published all of them but some aren't showing up. If you've commented but can't see it please have another go.

Laura x

Val said...

Hi Laura
What a beautiful pendant - just gorgeous. I do a lot of work for the British Legion so the poppy is one that has a special meaning. I also love the beautiful, tiny but perfectly formed flowers of the forget-me-not but my favourite of all has to be the daisy. You can cut the lawn however many times you like yet the daisy will always bounce back.
Good luck to everyone.
Val Page

Vonnie said...

That pendant is absolutely stunning Laura, what beautiful work!

I've got loads of favourite flowers, if I had to choose I think I'd say either a lily-of-the-valley or a bluebell :)

Anonymous said...

Sweetpeas for me too, just such a great reminder of my childhood.

If pushed daffodils come in second - they're such a cheerful flower!

I love your blog btw, it's always a pleasure to read!

Emma Pettis

Seasparkle x said...

That is such a pretty pendant! WOW
My favourite flowers have to be roses (for the smell) and daisies (coz they are cute)

Harriet McAlonan

Apryl said...

my favourite flowers are citrus blossoms they just have the most delicious scent.

such a beautiful pendant!

Apryl Lowe

Joanne Dewberry said...

Wow so excited I found this on Twitter!
What gorgeous items :)
Oooo Hope I win :)

Nic said...

I love the pendant too. I am struggling with fav flower though. I love tulips, orchids, gerbera, love-in-the-mist, lisianthus, roses and snowdrops.
Nicola Lucas

Sonja said...

Wow - that's a really pretty pendant.

Gerbera for me I have to say - in the most shocking pink or orange! They always cheer me up...


...Have You Any Wool? said...

Gorgeous pendant - I admired the poppy beads you made and wished I had been quick enough!

My favourite flower is the Bleeding Heart. They are so pretty and I love that they look like tiny hearts. I'm growing some this year :)

Charlotte Morgan
Slice of Organic Life

Tor said...


Now I have read all the comments to this the answer is every single bloomin' (ha!) one :D

At the moment I have a serious crush on some cherry blossom, so perhaps that's what I will have to go for.

That pendant is beautiful btw :) Really stunning.

Tor Hamilton

Tanya Goodwin said...

Have to say my favourite flower is probably a daisy as my beautiful 2 year old daughter and gorgeous 6 year old son never fail to each pick me one of these everytime they see them!!

Memo Box said...

I think my favourite flower has to be hard to choose. I love a few, roses, lily's, tulips...I think I'll have to go with lily's for now though

Samantha Morton

Dorith said...

I Would really like to win this poppy pendant!! I LOVE poppies and I LOVE your beads.
Dorith Wielinga

Vivas said...

Wouw. Really beautiful little "red" flowers!
PLEEEASE can you tell me, what sort of glass you've been taken??

If I try to encase some red glass it never works. Always broken :-(

Big hug from Germany