Tuesday 6 April 2010

Clearing Up Confusion

I know this post might sound a little bit snotty but I would hate to mislead people with regard to the glass that I use to make my beads. As a result of some recent confusion, I'd just like to point out that any names I give a bead or beads are not necessarily related to or indicative of the glass used to make them. For example, my 'Blush' beads are made from Effetre Rose 082 and not CiM Blush. I called them 'Blush' because they are a soft pink and it was the first name that came into my head for them. Similarly, my 'Champagne' beads are an oddlot of Effetre Light Brown 018 and are not CiM Pink Champagne. They're not even pink.

I love CiM glass and I normally refer to the specific shades of it that I've used whenever I post bead photos on my blog. I also love Effetre glass too and no, I don't always post exactly what colours I've used because I do like to keep a few glassy colour recipes to myself. Surely that's okay?

I don't like writing moany blog posts because I hate reading other people's moany blog posts but I feel I need to clear this matter up. Just because I call a set of beads 'Sky' it doesn't mean that they're made from Effetre Light Sky Blue 224.

While I'm here I'd also like to talk about my bead photos. You are more than welcome to use any images from my blog, my Flickr gallery or my website for personal reference, linking purposes and so on - please feel free to right click and save away! But if you would like to use my images for other reasons such as blog articles or inclusion in magazines and the like, please email me for permission to do so. This is only to avoid any incorrect description of my work. It is not because I am a mean and miserable bead diva.

There we go. End of moany blog post. Again, my apologies for any confusion caused.


  1. Laura your post sounds pretty reasonable to me, and it makes perfect sense. Most people know that beadmakers name their sets or focals, but others may not know that and I think it's good to clarify. Well done!


  2. That's all fine by me, Laura - get it off your chest; I'm surprised anyone would be dim enough to get confused by you calling your beads whatever you like!

    Some of the names Effetre in particular give their glass colours don't always ring true with me.

  3. Good for you! They're your beads, you can call them whatever you like!

    My jewellery names are a bit like that - my daisy cuff doesn't actually have any real daisies in it!

  4. On the "MOANY" scale of 1-10....I don't think you even register. Seems to me you are just clearing some...."Why did you name this bead this?" REALLY??? I can't believe that anyone would even ask unless it was just commenting on your creativity. I name my beads the same way.....Pops into my head....fingers to the keyboard :O) One time my husband got a convo saying he was going to be sued because he name a mug "got milk?"

  5. I can't see what all the fuss is about! When I bought beads off you I would not have had a clue about different manufacturers etc - only a lampworker would appreciate the subtleties in the glass names.

    I think you are being got at by people who are jealous of your skill and have to find something to have a go at!

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    Basically, someone used some of my images without checking with me, published them in an email newsletter along with the glasses that I'd used. Thing is, I hadn't actually used the glasses described. The person kind of guessed at what glass I'd used going by the names that I'd given the beads. Because I had no idea that the images had been used in such a way I wasn't able to clarify what glass I'd used.

    As a result of this I am now receiving lots of emails from confused people and I'm having to answer questions and solve a problem that I didn't create in the first place!

    Quite annoying.


  7. Oh gosh, sounds like there's a story there! You can call your beads anything you want and you don't have to share recipes!

    On another note, I just started playing with CiM and it's the one glass that I can make decent spacers with! (Since spacers are all I can do so far!)


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