Tuesday 14 December 2010

I've just added these .....

'Black & White Polka Dots'
..... these .....
..... and these .....
..... to the Beads To Order page of my website.  What's more, it's still 25% off so make sure you take advantage of this offer while you can!

I'll be back later.  I have a Christmas tree and knitting to show you along with a load of assorted waffle so do pop back this evening.

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh wow. The silver-droplet ones are gorgeous (Don't know if my spelling of that is completely off...)
    Just right for this icy season ;)

    Hope you keep warm in your beadmaking shed.

    ~ Karina

  2. You mist stop making these gorgeous beads at once. I am going bankrupt!

  3. Owh wow these are beautiful. I hope I can ones make some beads that are a split of these beautiful (sorry for my terrible english)

  4. Those are very snazzy, I especially like the black and white encased set with the heart.

    I look forward to seeing your tree, I'm hoping we're getting ours on Wednesday and then I can start to feel proper Christmassy.

  5. Oh boy - fabulous beads! I really like the heart beads and the purple beads, they are so yummy! The white beads with the black dots remind me of the movie 101 Dalmatians - love it!

  6. Beautiful works, colors, and shapes!


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