Tuesday 14 December 2010

'Tis Me!

Hand Knitted Hat
Both my Dad and Chris's Dad have recently made comments about my lack of bloggage so I thought I'd better get on and write something!

So why have I not blogged 'properly' for ages? Well, the simple answer is because I haven't really had much to say.  I've been spending my days in the shed making all the bead orders that my fab customers have placed.  It's been pretty cold down there recently - some days I have about four layers on.  I also invested in a Thermos flask so now I have tea on tap dans le shed.

All in all, "It was cold today and I made beads and drank tea in my shed" wouldn't really have made for interesting blog reading and that is why I've been quiet on the blog.

Hand Knitted Hat

But today I have things to show you.  First off is a hat that I knitted to keep me warm in the aforementioned chilly shed and whilst out and about in cold Cambridgeland.  The pattern I used is 'Estella' by the wonderful Ysolda Teague.  It's knitted in Rowan Pure Wool DK in purple and grey which is my current favourite colour combination.

Our Christmas Tree

In Christmas news the only shopping we've done has been food-related or decorative and sparkly.  We really need to go and do some actual gift shopping.  We put our tree up on Saturday.  We went for a fake one because transporting a real one when neither of us drive would have been tricky.  You can see from the photo that I still love my red and white polka dots and yes, in case you're wondering, that is Kermit sat atop the tree.


Why Kermit?  Why not?  He matches nicely.  Chris even found him a little Father Christmas hat in the full-of-festive-tat-and-things-that-drop-glitter-everywhere Christmas shop in town.  Kermit was going to be a temporary tree topper until we found a suitable star but we've decided to keep the frog as he's ace.

'Beads & Beyond' Magazine

If you've picked up the January issue of Beads & Beyond magazine you may have seen the two page feature on my beads!  I'm really chuffed with it.  Although I've had mentions in bead magazines before this is my first proper interview.  The January issue of Beads & Beyond is out now.

That's about it.  See - I told you I haven't really been up to much!  I will be back in the shed tomorrow making more bead orders, probably feeling slightly cold and drinking tea.  If anything interesting happens I'll be sure to let you know .....


  1. haha! I've been thinking the exact same thing lately....well, not that YOU haven't been blogging "properly", but that I haven't......maybe it's a "seasonal" thing....but if you haven't got much to say saying nothing is not very interesting, is it? {chuckling}

    LOVIN' little kermy.....and quite right too leaving him there...he does look very cute surveying your little kingdom! ;o)

    Have a beady tea-filled productive day in your cute little handmade hat tomoz sweetie....


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. There's too much going on in the run up to Christmas to blog at the moment! Lovely hat - really cute pattern.
    Well done on the double page spread - must pick me up a copy tomorrow and say in a loud voice 'I know her!'

  3. Love the hat and thanks for sharing the link for the pattern. Mom and I are always looking for new hat patterns to knit for chemo caps. Love the tree topper!
    Congrats on the magazine. Awesome!
    I hear you about freezing while making beads - the torches are set up in mom's garage and the space heaters only heat up so much before the vent pulls out the hot air and bad fumes - so at least three to four layers of clothes are worn while torching.
    Stay warm and have a great holiday!

  4. I love the hat and the tree. You are very talented. Hope the hat keeps you warm in your shed,as well as looking very stylish.

    Big congratulations on the Magazine piece. That's so brilliant! Look forward to reading that. X

  5. Funnily enough I picked up beads and beyond on my way home from work!! Fab coverage hun - congrats!
    Loving Kermit - not done any decorations as going back to see the family soon,but your tree keeps making me wish I had lol xx

  6. Why not Kermit ?
    This is the reason why I come here. :-)
    Great hat Laura.. really really suits you.
    :-) x x x Good to see YOU !

  7. Love the hat, I think I need one of those in the office along with some thick socks. What a good idea putting Kermit on the tree, he looks like he belongs up there. The Magazine piece is really good, love it.
    Keep warm

  8. Congrats on your Magazine piece,,,I'll have to pick up January's Beads and Beyond. Kermy is a nice Christmacy addition!!! As always, you amaze me with your talents,,,the knitted hat looks fantastic!!! I have been reading your blog for a lil over a year now and I also look forward to viewing some of your yummy bakery's : ))) Stay warm,,,light sprinkle of snow here in Georgia,USA but mainly iced streets,,,


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