Wednesday 19 January 2011

I'm shrinking!

Special K
My dieting is going well.  I've been watching my weight and counting the calories for just over a fortnight now and I've lost five pounds!  I can actually see the weight disappearing and my thunder thighs are definitely not as thunderous as they were two weeks ago.

How have I been shrinking myself?  Just by eating less.  I'm not doing any particular diet plan.  For breakfast I eat a bowl of Special K with a handful of dried blueberries, cranberries and raisins sprinkled on top and then I have the same for lunch.  If I don't fancy the cereal lunch (because let's face it, it can get kind of boring) I'll have some scrambled eggs.  I don't have any morning snacks betwixt breakfast and lunch but if I get peckish in the afternoon I have some nuts or fruit from my Graze box.  For dinner I have a normal meal.  The worst thing about the diet is cutting out my puddings!  As you know, I'm a proper pudding monster and I'm finding myself craving desserts.  Last night I would have done anything for a bowl of warm apple crumble and custard.  Instead I had a couple of Thorntons chocolates so it wasn't all bad.

Bridget Jones
Bridget at the gym
In the evenings I do half an hour of exercise bike or hooping.  In fact, tonight I did forty five minutes of biking so I was pretty chuffed with myself even if I did look like a big red-faced sweaty heap at the end of it.  I felt like Bridget Jones in that scene at the gym except I didn't fall over as I climbed off the bike but my legs were pretty worn out!

I must say, I don't think I'd be making the progress I am if it wasn't for the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone.  It's really motivational.  You enter your starting weight and tell it how much you want to lose and then it calculates how many calories you should be eating a day.  You fill in the food diary throughout the day and it tallies up your calories.  It has a vast range of foods in its database or you can enter your own meals and snacks.  You also tell it what exercise you've done - there's even a housework option so if you do an hour of hoovering, dusting and polishing you can log that too.  Then at the end of each day it will give you a little weight forecast based on all the information you've entered.  Nifty.

So yes, all is going well on the diet front but can I ask you to do me a favour?  Next time you have a pudding please have a spoonful for me!


  1. Sounds like it's all going well for you. I'm on the "not very hungry" diet, and I'm going to be submitting to the demands of a personal trainer (perk of the job) very soon.

    Love the sound of your app! I wonder if it's available on Android's Market?

  2. Well done! I managed 2 weeks of cutting down post Christmas, but that was it. Sounds like you're doing so much better.

    I might investigate that App.

  3. oooo, well done sweetie! I love Special K {the Creamy Berry, The Purple Berry and the Red Berry ones} and also add fresh blueberries too...delish!

    I have starting using a smaller plate for my evening meals...thing is I haven't any scales so can't say whether I am losing or not! But I will continue anyway ;o)

    So today I did SIX HOURS of cleaning, hoovering, polishing and many calories do you think that would add up to????


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. Well done! You're doing really well.

    I used last year - it's very good! I lost over a stone doing it, found it very helpful. I might download the app to my ipod :)

  5. Well done! I am on a healthy eating plan too, and have swapped to soup for lunch; really filling and not very many calories!

    Try Skinny Cow ice cream lollies if you crave puds!

  6. Congrats! Doesn't it feel wonderful to be shrinking away!!! I am trying to get back into the exercising but so far it hasn't happened. I have cut out Pepsi (My number 1 downfall) and have been drinking more water and Diet Snapple Peach Tea. I have also been better on keeping track of what I eat, but of course still no exercising, no motivation in that department.

  7. Thats great Laura, you are doing great, although if I remember correctly you do not need to lose any weight...I have been going to weight watchers and have lost 26 pounds in the last few months and hope to lose 50 or so more...its really been easy, just eating less carbs and staying more active with the new puppy that has been no problem at all...oh yes lost of fruit as well and walking, did I mention the puppy, she is so helpful as she wont sit still for any length of time...


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