Monday, 24 January 2011

A little follow up post

It sounds a touch dramatic but I'm pretty overwhelmed by all the comments you left with regard to my last post.  As I said then, I have no idea why I woke up today and decided to tell you what I told you but I'm really pleased that I did.

Some of you raised some interesting points in your comments so I will address some of those now :

Yes, as some of you noted I do tend to go quiet from time to time and yep, that is normally because I'm feeling low.  Of course, it might also just be that I have nothing to say or I'm mega busy but yeah, if I go quiet for more than a week it's normally down to a bout of Crazy Brain.

Silly Moo, I don't want to sound like an agony aunt but please, do not be ashamed because there's nothing to be ashamed of.  I was saying to Chris earlier that it's taken me many years to accept it but this depression thing is just part of who I am.  And yes, David Mitchell is one half of Mitchell & Webb.  There's just something about him ....

Tina, as you can probably see I'm not all doom and gloom either!  Even during a pretty low period I still laugh and joke.  You've just got to, haven't you?!

Daniela, Shirl and any new readers - thank you for following!  I promise you that my blog posts are not always so heavy.

Caroline.  Robert Webb in the leotard?  Only in the leotard?  I once saw him in a play in London in just his swimming trunks ....

Mary, yes, a few doctors have said to me that the depression and OCD are very common in creative people.  Must be something to do with the way the arty-farty brain is wired.

Karina, Marcy and Rebekka - I have no idea about the courses of tablets.  I've seen about seven different doctors over the years (due to the NHS and moving about) and they all seem to approach depression medication in their own way.  I will certainly ask my current doctor about maybe staying on them.  It would make SO much more sense.  Thank you for your input.

Lovely Kerryn - I felt I had to say something as it was kind of becoming an elephant in the room.  I know that a lot of you didn't know that said elephant was camped in the corner but I did.  When I'm low I can't work properly.  It affects my output, my blogging and my communication with people.  I kind of ran out of excuses for long bead breaks and I felt it would be a whole lot easier if I just told you all. 

If anyone is baffled by Jonah The Dog's Anna-and-the-hoover-wedding comment I should explain that Jonah (not her real name) is one of my best friends from school and college.  She has known me for years and she is referring to a fake but very hilarious wedding that took place during an art lesson when we were about fifteen.  A hoover was involved in the ceremony.  Of course.  (You probably had to be there.)

My 'Little follow up post' is going on a bit so I will draw it to a close.  Before I do so I can't let the subject of olives go without a mention.  Mary, yes I do like olive oil, it's just the texture and look of actual factual olives that I don't like.  It sounds bizarre but I don't trust their opacity.  They seem so solidly-coloured and they always look waxy.  I just don't want to be eating them and it looks like I'm not the only one.

Once again (this is sounding like Kate Winslet's Oscar acceptance speech) thank you to everyone who has commented, emailed and tweeted.  You will never know how much I appreciate it.

In future I may refer to the depression every now and again but I certainly won't be making a habit of going on about it.  I'm just pleased you know and it sounds arse-about-face but my telling you about it has made me feel really good.

Have a lovely evening!


eve said...

I missed your last post, but it's nothing to ashamed about, ive been there to and still am every now and then, and it's hard but i know i have a lovely hubby and kids who put up with me. x

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you are pretty normal! I have to admit every time I read your blog I thought wow this lady seems perfect!
Every day can be a challenge - and we just take one day at a time :)
I sware a lot too!

Beadbug said...

I have fraught depression and had sleep problems all my life as far back as I can remember and the one thing that has turned my life around is a little light called a goLite from Phillips. It has changed my life. Ya might want to look into them, I got my off amazon, my whole extended family is now hooked on the little light.

Gardanne said...

I read your previous post, and like you I have a hard time reading posts that are all complaints and no problem solving. I did not get that from you at all, what I did get is the importance of having humor, we are all crazy beasts. I have had depression off and on myself, hormones and menopause seem to get it going. When I am in the middle of it, it is not so fun, but after it is important to find the humor. Keep doing what works for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing some blog catching up and have just read your posts. I don't have really anything to add, other than to say thank you for writing them and being so honest with me (and all of us).