Monday, 14 February 2011


I've always said I'd never join Facebook.

Well, I have now.

I have no idea how Facebook works yet and I only want to use it to give my beads a larger audience.  I won't be writing on walls or poking people and I won't be seeking out old school friends and relatives.  I just figured that it's 2011 and Beads By Laura should have some kind of Facebook presence.

So Beads By Laura now has its own 'Fan Page' and if you feel inclined you can 'like' it.  If you like.

I'm off to tweak some more Facebook buttons now .....

EDIT : I've just friended an old school friend and I have written on her wall.


Fire Phoenix said...

Yay! I've 'liked' you on facebook. Welcome to a new addiction :)

Sue Doran said...

Similarly, I said I would never Twitter ... but I do now! Hope FB brings you many fans and lots of beady-business!