Monday, 14 March 2011

Beads For Japan: Sale One

Lampwork Glass Cupcake Beads For Japan

These three beads are now all sold.  Stay tuned for more .....

Following on from my previous post, here are the first lot of beads that I'm selling to raise money for the Japan Tsunami Appeal.

My Beads For Japan sales work on a first come, first served basis.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.  Once I have made the payment to the fund I will add a screenshot of the payment confirmation to this post.

Payment will need to be made by PayPal.

Please email me with your choice of bead/s and I will get back to you to let you know if they're yours and to arrange payment by PayPal.

Beads For Japan: Sale One

These cupcake beads are about 16mm tall and have 2mm diameter bead holes.

Each one costs £10.00 including worldwide postage.

Please email me with your choice of cream icing, white icing or pink icing.

Cream Icing : SOLD Thank you, Tina.
White Icing : SOLD Thank you, Jackie.
Pink Icing : SOLD Thank you, Caroline.

I will be holding two more Beads For Japan sales so if you don't manage to get any beads this time there will be another couple of chances.

Many thanks

EDIT: I've just made the payment of £40.00 to the Japan Tsunami Appeal. Lovely Tina wanted to pay double for her cupcake bead.  How wonderful is that?  The confirmation of the donation is pictured below :


The Beadfather said...

This is the country that made YOUR Laptop,TV, Camera, Mobile, Sat Nav, Car or Motorcycle.
They are experiencing a '911' size loss of life EVERY DAY for the next few weeks.
Recovery will take decades.
Mental trauma will reach inconceivable levels.
Do whatever you can to help please.

Laura said...

Thank you, Dad. X

Chrizette said...

Laura - you are wonderful! What a selfless idea! I have linked a post on my blog to help spread the word!

Chriz’Creative Spot


Helga Hansen said...

I've always loved your cupcake beads - it's just a pity that it takes something like this appalling event for me to realise my wish. :(

Marie Cramp said...

You are awesome to do this! If you are looking for someone to buy another bead I could use a pink cupcake bead for a necklace I am making for my daughter :) Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Laura you are so sweet. Hopefully I'll get in on your next beads for Japan :) Love your cupcakes, and I must have one :o), and since all the proceeds go to Japan is even more reason for me to get one.

Caroline B said...

Well done you, a fine thing to do. Lots of collection pots in London yesterday, we put a few quid in the one at the Japan Centre - it's all so sad.

Sue Doran said...

It's difficult to know what to say but it is great to see that there are good people that all do what they can (not just the idiots you highlight in your previous) - all these somethings add up.

I've also linked to your blog in mine.