Saturday, 12 March 2011

Meridian Ariel

Luke & Threepio pin badge by Meridian Ariel
Have I told you how much I love Twitter?  Have I?

Oh right.  I have.

But I really really like it and the people who are part of it.  One of those people is Apryl Lowe who is also known as Meridian Ariel.  Apryl makes all sorts of groovy things including these marvellous pin badges :

Pin badges by Meridian Ariel

They're made with images from the pages of an old Star Wars annual so how could I resist them?  I thought I was going to love the Lando one best but no, the winner is the Luke and Threepio one that's at the top of this post.

Apryl sent me a sweet little Jayne-from-Firefly-inspired 'Cunning Hat' badge too.  Shiny.

But Apryl does way more than badges. She also makes the sweetest 'Little Monster' dolls like this one :

The Ghost Boy
Photograph by Merdidan Ariel
His name is Merle The Ghost Boy and, like all of Apryl's dolls, he comes with his own little story.  Merle is a typography nut and he can't stand Papyrus and Comic Sans.  That makes him brilliant in my book.  Merle is currently looking for a home, bless him.  And his buttony eyes. 

All of Apryl's dolls, badges, drawings, jewellery and other assorted goodies come packaged in the most wonderful way accompanied by sweet typewritten notes.  You can click here to visit the Meridian Ariel Etsy shop to see more of Apryl's work and she also blogs here.

I'm off to the shed now.  I've got glass to melt and beads to make.

Happy Saturday!


Apryl said...

aww thank you so very much that was a lovely blog post. I'm so happy that you are happy with everything. I'm not one for making things for profit I make them for love.. and geekery but mostly love.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

having been the lucky recipient of several packages from Meri i have to agree with all you've said :)
She is a great twitterer and i count her as one of my best friends even though i've never even met her in "real life" :D

Kitschy Coo said...

Another very grateful recipient of both Apryl's badges and a doll! She surprised me with an Eric from True Blood doll because I'm obsessed :) I second vV, great twitterer and great friend!

Laura said...

Apryl's just fab, isn't she? Thanks for your comments, ladies. I'm now following you both - in the Twitter and Blog sense.

Laura x