Saturday, 5 March 2011

World Book Night

World Book Night
Normally I'm pretty sceptical when an email arrives and it tells me that I've won something like the jackpot in the Djibouti Lottery or that I've been selected as a beneficiary of a wealthy Mongolian prince's will.

So it was a thoroughly nice surprise when I received an email on Thursday evening telling me that I had been selected for an actual real-life thing that is actually real.  As part of World Book Night, the marvellous Mary Kent at Nemea Designs is kindly giving me a copy of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.  (No, not Peep Show David Mitchell.)

'Cloud Atlas' by David Mitchell

Twenty-five titles were selected for World Book Night and tonight forty thousand copies of each are being given away by twenty thousand 'givers'. That's one million books and I feel pretty privileged to be one of the million people who have been chosen to receive special numbered editions.  Each book that is given away contains a ten digit number so that its journey can be tracked.  When I've read the book I'll give it to somebody else so it can continue on its way.  The next reader can then register the book on the World Book Night website and its little adventure will be charted for all to see. Isn't that just lovely?

Tonight BBC2 have a whole evening of World Book Night programmes starting at 7.30pm.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Mary for choosing me to be a recipient of Cloud Atlas.  I look forward to reading it and I shall let you all know what I think of it when I've done so.


Mary said...

Oh Laura, what a star you are! Thank you for promoting this event. You are actually getting the second book I'm giving out (the first one went to my teenage son).

What a great night this is! I hope you enjoy the book. xxx

Laura said...

Thank YOU, Mary! I'm really pleased that you've made me a part of World Book Night.

Laura x

T=MC2 said...

Cloud Atlas = Best Book Ever. Well, top ten, anyway. Enjoy it!

blue eyed night owl said...

I once won tickets to a lecture and signing-session by david mitchell, but it was so last minute that I couldn't make it. Ever since that happened I've been a bit afraid to read one of his books in fear of liking it and then regretting missing that event even more:P
But I'm still planning on trying something he wrote, I've heard very good things!

Littletreats said...

Ooh sounds very exciting! :)


Fiona said...

I got a cloud atlas as well.