Saturday 30 April 2011

Boxes & Bows

Kraft Jewellery Boxes
Chris and I went to London on Thursday - nothing Royal Wedding related. I will blog about our little trip later.  Thing is, I seem to have picked up some kind of cold lurgy and today I feel awful.  I don't get ill very often and I reckon that's because I'm a virtual hermit.  This is what I get for leaving the confines of my shed and travelling on the tube!

So I'm not making beads today; sore throats, coughs and sneezes don't mix that well with torch flames.  Instead I've just sat and decorated my jewellery boxes.  These are just brown kraft paper boxes that I've prettied up with some lavender satin bows.  And yes, I hand-tied every one and measured them like some kind of weirdo.  But hey, I think they look fancy.

Somebody left a comment on my blog about bracelets (was it Lili?) and asked if I made them to sell.  Well, yes, yes I do.  There is more information about them here and yes, if you buy any of my jewellery it will arrive in one of my tarted-up boxes.  

I'm off for a cup of tea and a sofa slob now.  I'll blog later or tomorrow about our trip to Laandaan Taan.

Have a good afternoon!

Wednesday 27 April 2011

'Spring Fling'

Lampwork Glass Beads
Goodness me, these beads were a right pain to photograph.  In the end I had to take their picture in the bathroom!  But they're here now and these lavender and green lovelies can be found in the usual place.

Monday 25 April 2011

Black Hole of Cupcakery

Lampwork Glass Cupcake Pendants
Are you enjoying a sunny Bank Holiday or are you at work?  If it's any consolation I'm just about to head down to the hot of the shed to melt glass so I'm working too.

I've just put these three cupcake pendants on the Freshly Baked Beads page.  Each one is priced at £13.50 each including worldwide postage.

Now, I know I said that if you fancied buying a bracelet that would be no problem (and it still isn't - feel free to email me about colours and the like) but that doesn't apply to the cupcake pendants, I'm afraid.  I just can't allow myself to get bogged down with them like the last time.  I've found that I quite enjoy making them from time to time but I won't be taking orders for any cupcake pendants or loose cupcake beads.  People keep asking me for cupcakes and I just have to say no as I know damn well I'll fall into the Black Hole of Cupcakery and I'll get sick of the things.  So I will make them but - and I hate to say this, folks - it's going to have to be on my terms.  I'm not joking when I say that they near on drove me mad last time and I almost threw in the beadmaking towel.  There will be more cupcakes but they'll be on a first come, first served basis - no orders.

I hope you understand and I really hope I'm not coming across as a bit of a bead diva.

I'm off to grab a sandwich and then I'm off down to the sauna shed.

Happy Monday!

EDIT: Apologies for my overuse of the word 'cupcake' in this post. Urgh.

Saturday 23 April 2011

Saturday Stroll

River Cam
Chris and I caught the bus into town this morning but the bus was so hot we decided to cut the journey short and walk over Victoria Bridge and across Jesus Green.  The photo above was taken from Victoria Bridge and you can see people punting on the River Cam.

Plane Tree Avenue, Jesus Green

As we strolled across Jesus Green we walked through the Plane Tree Avenue which is just beautiful.  

A bit further on we saw some ducklings and their mum.  The little noises they made sounded like my guinea pigs!


It has been such a gorgeous day.  Are you enjoying your Saturday?

Friday 22 April 2011

A tea break post

Lampwork glass bead bracelets
I've taken advantage of the gorgeous sunshine to take some better photographs of last night's bracelets.

Both of these are sold but if you're interested in buying something similar do email me and we can discuss colours and the like.  The cupcake bracelet is £30.00 and the purple and grey one is £50.00.  All prices include poncey giftboxery and worldwide postage.

It feels like ages since I've blogged properly.  I've been in the shed most days so I've not had much to report.  Some of you may have noticed that I deactivated my Facebook page.  As you know I had reservations about Facebook and I tried it but I just didn't like it.  I can't put my finger on it but the place made me feel ... I don't know ... uneasy, I guess.  So yes, I'm afraid you'll have to use the old-fashioned method of checking my blog and my website to find out when I'll have beads for sale.

Oooh, I know what I've been meaning to say to you; do you remember my fortune telling teacup?  Well, that beautiful (yet useless as I don't believe in fortune telling) item sits next to our television in the lounge and it's started something;  I've now become a little bit teacup happy and I've started buying the odd old cup and saucer here and there.  I must take some photographs of the ones I've got to show you.

Alrighty then,  I'm heading shedward.  I just popped in for a cup of tea and to post this blog.  If you've got today off I hope you're enjoying it and if you haven't I hope that you have a fantastic Easter.  Eat much chocolate and hunt many eggs.

Happy Friday!

Thursday 21 April 2011


Lampwork Glass Earrings
Long before I made beads I made jewellery.  When I discovered lampworking I sold jewellery made with my beads but I soon realised that people wanted just the beads on their own and my jewellery making slowly dwindled away to nothing except for the occasional gift here and there.

I made some earrings last week and I really enjoyed it.  A couple of people have asked me if I ever make jewellery with my beads because they'd like to own some of my glass but they don't make jewellery themselves so I've bought some silver findings and tonight I'll be adding a couple of bracelets and some earrings to my website.  We shall see how it goes ....

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Polka Dotty Pairs

Lampwork Glass Bead Pairs
I've just added these dotty beads to the Freshly Baked Beads page of my website.  They're priced at £8.00 per pair including worldwide postage.

Tuesday 12 April 2011


Lampwork glass and sterling silver earrings
I was a bit late uploading the new beads tonight; I had trouble rounding up the guinea piglets.  The rest of the squeakle (collective noun for a group of guinea pigs) got in their hutch just fine but Lisa and Ruth wanted to stay out and munch grass.

But all the new beads are over on the Freshly Baked Beads page now, including these ivory and black polka dotty earrings.

'Blueberry Sky'

Lampwork Glass Beads
These pretty purple and pale blue beads will be for sale on my website at 8.30pm (UK time) this evening.  I was stuck as to what I should call them but @cjhancock on Twitter came up with the excellent 'Blueberry Sky' which I think suits them perfectly. Thanks, Chris.

I will have some earrings - that's right, earrings - for sale tonight too.

I'm going back down to the shed now.  Have a good afternoon!

Sunday 10 April 2011

New Video : Pulling Stringer

Chris and I have spent a stupid amount of time today making this four minute movie.  It was supposed to be so quick and simple but it turned into a small-mammoth-sized project.

Anyway, the video is about pulling stringer and it's up on the old YouTube as I type.

I hope you find it useful.

EDIT : Chris has edited together some of the outtakes from my stringer video.  I warn you, the following video contains swearing so please don't watch it if you are easily offended by such things but if you do want to see me behaving like a complete idiot please click here.

Thursday 7 April 2011

New Beads

Lampwork Glass Beads
I will have a couple of sets of beads for sale in the usual place at 9.00pm (UK time) tonight.  One of the bead sets is that purple and grey one up there.  I took the photograph of those out in the morning sunshine.  It has been such a nice day here.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

'Buttercream & Blue'

Lampwork Glass Beads
These glassy lovelies are currently available over on my website.