Wednesday 28 December 2011

Recipe: Cranberry & Orange Cookies

Cranberry and Orange cookies

I had an orange and some dried cranberries left over from Christmas cookery stuff and I wanted to turn them into some biscuits but I couldn't find a cranberry and orange biscuit recipe that I liked so I got my Joliver on and I made up my own.  I'm really pleased with how they've turned out so I made a note of my recipe and I thought I'd share it with you lot too.

Cranberry & Orange Cookies
Makes about 16-20


110g softened unsalted butter
100g caster sugar (I used golden caster sugar)
50g soft dark brown sugar
150g plain flour
1/2 beaten large free range egg
100g dried cranberries
Zest and juice of one orange
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1/4 teaspoon salt


In a large bowl mix the softened butter and sugars with an electric whisk until creamy and fluffy.  Add the egg and vanilla extract and mix in.

Add one teaspoon of grated orange zest and two tablespoons of the orange juice and mix again.

Stir in the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt.  The mixture will be quite thick so you might need to switch from the electric whisk to a wooden spoon at this point.

Add the cranberries and make sure they're mixed in really well and are evenly distributed.

Roll heaped teaspoons of the cookie mix into balls and place onto a baking paper-lined baking tray.  I put about six biscuits on one tray.  You need to space them well as they do spread.

Bake in the oven at 180°C (160°C for fan ovens) for about twelve to fifteen minutes until the edges are golden. Remove cookies from the oven and allow to cool for five minutes before transferring them to a wire cooling rack.

The cookies will crisp up as they cool but they should have a nice soft, chewy centre.

Merry baking!

Thursday 22 December 2011


Lampwork Glass Beads

I've just added three more sets of Freshly Baked Beads to the website. There are the pretty blue and pink ones up there ...
Lampwork Glass Beads
... these lime and mandarin ones ...
Lampwork Glass Beads
... and these deep red and blue ones.  Polka dotty madness!


Lampwork Glass Beads

I've just put these bright and vibrant lovelies on the Freshly Baked Beads page.  Proper jolly beads!

Tuesday 20 December 2011


Lampwork Glass Beads

I've just added these bright and breezy 'Clementine' and 'Lime' beads to the Freshly Baked Beads page.

Friday 16 December 2011

'Zing' & 'Starshine'

Lampwork Glass Beads

Just like the television schedules, my bead listings go all to cock at Chrimbletide.  They're all over the place.

I've just put the zesty 'Zing' beads above and these shimmering 'Starshine' beads ...
Lampwork Glass Beads
... on the Freshly Baked Beads page.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

A splash of colour

Etched Lampwork Beads

I thought it was about time I made some beads that were actually colourful, as opposed to clear and white.  I've made these cheery-looking ones which are available as a mix (above) or in their individual colours as sets of five. Please click here for details of how to buy.

It's been mega-hectic here.  I've been working 'double shifts'; starting early in the morning, letting the beads cool whilst I clean and package others and then I go back out the shed and make another kilnful.  Yes.  Hectic.

I have done nothing - and I mean nothing - Chrimbletide-wise.  Nothing at all.  This will not end well.  I really hope that you are more organised than me and that all your festive preparation is coming along nicely.

Have a good evening!

Tuesday 6 December 2011


Lampwork Glass Beads

Yep, even more white and clear beads.  These ones include some spacers made with a gorgeous transulcent white alabaster glass.

These are £18 per set and are available on this page.

Thursday 1 December 2011


Chilly-Frosty-Brrr Beads

Oh my sweet Father Chrimble.  It's here. December is here.

I'm not even going to remark about the fact that I'm not even going to mention how woefully unready I am for Chrimbletide.

Instead I will just tell you that I've added some more chilly-frosty-brrr beads to the Freshly Baked Beads page.  Great for last minute jewellery. Get yours whilst they're ... cold and icy-looking.