Monday 25 April 2011

Black Hole of Cupcakery

Lampwork Glass Cupcake Pendants
Are you enjoying a sunny Bank Holiday or are you at work?  If it's any consolation I'm just about to head down to the hot of the shed to melt glass so I'm working too.

I've just put these three cupcake pendants on the Freshly Baked Beads page.  Each one is priced at £13.50 each including worldwide postage.

Now, I know I said that if you fancied buying a bracelet that would be no problem (and it still isn't - feel free to email me about colours and the like) but that doesn't apply to the cupcake pendants, I'm afraid.  I just can't allow myself to get bogged down with them like the last time.  I've found that I quite enjoy making them from time to time but I won't be taking orders for any cupcake pendants or loose cupcake beads.  People keep asking me for cupcakes and I just have to say no as I know damn well I'll fall into the Black Hole of Cupcakery and I'll get sick of the things.  So I will make them but - and I hate to say this, folks - it's going to have to be on my terms.  I'm not joking when I say that they near on drove me mad last time and I almost threw in the beadmaking towel.  There will be more cupcakes but they'll be on a first come, first served basis - no orders.

I hope you understand and I really hope I'm not coming across as a bit of a bead diva.

I'm off to grab a sandwich and then I'm off down to the sauna shed.

Happy Monday!

EDIT: Apologies for my overuse of the word 'cupcake' in this post. Urgh.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I did a bit of work today too but certainly not in such heat thank goodness!
    Well done on staying away from the abyss of the cupcakes! I'll have to treasure my cupcake pendant as one of the early ones!!

  2. Laura, completely understand the need to limit Cupcake beads. You are not a bead diva! You are a creative person and need to create, not just manufacture. (Boring!)

    Personally, I'm glad you went back to making your creative beads... I really like those (have several sets of them). I admire the reality of your cupcake beads...I really would rather eat them than wear them, though. (Although, that might hurt my teeth.)


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