Sunday 10 April 2011

New Video : Pulling Stringer

Chris and I have spent a stupid amount of time today making this four minute movie.  It was supposed to be so quick and simple but it turned into a small-mammoth-sized project.

Anyway, the video is about pulling stringer and it's up on the old YouTube as I type.

I hope you find it useful.

EDIT : Chris has edited together some of the outtakes from my stringer video.  I warn you, the following video contains swearing so please don't watch it if you are easily offended by such things but if you do want to see me behaving like a complete idiot please click here.


  1. Hi Laura
    I just loved looking at the stringer pulling video as it is always fascinating how you make beads - (I thought you actually bought the stringer) so to see it being made was really good BUT I cannot tell you how much I laughed at the out takes. I watched them over and over again and still laughed... and credit to you for going through it so many times to get it right and thanks for sharing it. What a fabulous start to the week!
    Val x
    PS I am sure Dad would understand !!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for that Tutorial I'm clearly not melting enough glass. Thank you for the outtakes too ROTFL!! oh my lord I have tears :) I got your flurry tut today and I've made some flurry beads, they are not perfect but I'm very pleased with them - Kaye x

  3. Loving the bloopers - beautiful, f*cking beautiful!!!

  4. The tutorial is brilliant - but oh my! The out takes are absolutely fantastic! I was laughing so much Tony came over to see what I was watching!
    Is it ok if I link to the tutorial from my blog as my Tutorial Tuesday post tomorrow?
    Jo x

  5. Thanks, all!

    Val - glad you found it interesting and no, my Dad didn't mind my awful language.

    Kaye - pleased you like the Flurry tutorial. Also pleased that the bloopers gave you a giggle!

    Jonah - haha! Told you I hadn't changed. ;-)

    Jo - of course, link away! Hope you're doing okay?

    Thanks, everyone!

    Laura x

  6. Thanks Laura!
    Yes, I'm doing well thanks - making good progress everyday, although at the moment my shoulder is screaming after physio this morning! I suppose it's no pain, no gain!

  7. hey gorgeous, loved watching the tute! LOVED even more watching the bloopers!!! had a good chuckle....

    It's also nice to put a personality to the face now! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  8. Hilarious outtakes, better than It'll Be Alright On the Night! I was a little disappointed there were no pigeons mating on the shed roof ... maybe next time! :-)

  9. Great quotes of our time........'oh sh*t on a f*cking brick!'

    Loved it, loved it, loved it, but then I enjoy a good curse :)


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