Saturday, 30 April 2011

Boxes & Bows

Kraft Jewellery Boxes
Chris and I went to London on Thursday - nothing Royal Wedding related. I will blog about our little trip later.  Thing is, I seem to have picked up some kind of cold lurgy and today I feel awful.  I don't get ill very often and I reckon that's because I'm a virtual hermit.  This is what I get for leaving the confines of my shed and travelling on the tube!

So I'm not making beads today; sore throats, coughs and sneezes don't mix that well with torch flames.  Instead I've just sat and decorated my jewellery boxes.  These are just brown kraft paper boxes that I've prettied up with some lavender satin bows.  And yes, I hand-tied every one and measured them like some kind of weirdo.  But hey, I think they look fancy.

Somebody left a comment on my blog about bracelets (was it Lili?) and asked if I made them to sell.  Well, yes, yes I do.  There is more information about them here and yes, if you buy any of my jewellery it will arrive in one of my tarted-up boxes.  

I'm off for a cup of tea and a sofa slob now.  I'll blog later or tomorrow about our trip to Laandaan Taan.

Have a good afternoon!


*Lili* said...

Yes Laura! It was me :) Thank you so much for your answer and I am really sorry for what happened to you. Also let me say you did a great job with the paper boxes ^-^ They look so cute :) And no, you are not a weirdo, it calls perfection! And I just loved it :)

I will read all information carefully and then immediately tell you something.

Thank you, and good afternoon for you too ;)


Roswitha said...

Looks very nice!


hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, boooo to poorly bugs! hope they don't like the change of scenery and leave VERY soon!!

But, whilst they are making you slob out on the sofa, I have something for you to consider....will email you later ;o)


hello gorgeous

p.s. the boxes look beau-tiful! ha! *get it! wink*

Pretty Things said...

Please get better soon!

And I watched the recap of the Royal Wedding last night and was all teary. She was beautiful. I just didn't understand the decorum part about his not being able to watch her come down the aisle -- how disappointing for him, but leave it to his brother to peek and fill him in! I love how close they are.

And you are SUCH a good bow-tier. YouTube vid, please?