Saturday 19 March 2016

Beads By Laura at MangoBeads

Learn how to make all of these lampwork glass beads at my course at MangoBeads July 9th-10th 2016

I'm very excited and super happy to announce that I'll be teaching a two day beadmaking course at MangoBeads in Devon on July 9th-10th.

Manda at Mangobeads was one of my first ever customers and I can still remember the first set of my beads that she bought. They were green with different coloured spots. It's lovely that all these years later she's invited me to come and teach at her beautiful studio.

The course will be 'general' beadmaking. I'll show the attending beadfolk how I make several of my bead designs, including my layered ‘Plume’ and ‘Scales’ beads, my ‘Whirly-Go-Round’ encased gravity swirl beads, my ‘Anemone’ implosion beads, and pretty much anything else they fancy learning from me. I promise that there'll be much glassy fun, lots of beads and many laughs.

So if you're in or around Devon, or if you fancy taking a bead-based trip there in July, head on over to the MangoBeads website and book your place.

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