Friday 4 March 2016

CiM Testing: 'Meadow'

Lampwork glass beads in Creation is Messy 'Meadow'

What a wonderful grassy green CiM's 'Meadow' is. It's such a happy colour. You can read more about what I think about it over on my Tumblr.

It's been quite a sunny day here today but from what I've seen, a lot of you have snow. I want snow. Maybe we'll get snow. Perhaps. PLEASE? But yes, we had sunshine today and I took this photo of some daffodils dancing in it. They were loving it.

Daffodils in the March sunshine

And in shed news... I have new didymium safety glasses. For about seven years I've been wearing the clumpy, too-big ones I got when I first started lampworking. I did used to have a pair like these new ones I've got that I wore for a couple of years but all of a sudden one of the lenses fell out, so I went back to wearing the My First Didys and kept saying "I must get new didys" every time they fell off my face.

Me in my new didymium safety glasses

But hurrah! I finally did get new ones and they're lightweight and lovely. They're 'Downtown' ones from Tuffnell Glass, in case you're interested in purple-tinted eye safety.


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