Sunday 13 March 2016


Lampwork 'Anemone' soft glass implosion bead by Laura Sparling

Yo! I've not blogged for a few days as I've got a bad cold and I've generally felt like not doing much but lying under a blanket on the sofa making "Nuuuurrrggh" sounds whilst coughing my spleen up and swearing at Chris for passing on his germs to me.

As such, I've not made many beads but the ones I have made have all been my 'Anemone' implosion ones.

My personal favourite from my most recent batch of Anemone pendants is this 'Sky' one. It matches my beloved Cambridge Satchel Company satchel perfectly.

Lampwork glass 'Anemone' implosion bead necklace with my 'Sweet Pea' blue-green Cambridge Satchel Company satchel

I'm a bit obsessed with things matching my satchel. My Doc Martens do, my summer shoes do, sometimes my nail varnish does and the next pair of Cons I buy will too. I will be known as 'The Woman Who Matches Stuff To Her Satchel Woman", which is fine by me.

Lampwork glass 'Anemone' soft glass implosion bead necklaces by Laura Sparling

There are a few Anemone necklaces left in the shop. Each pendant is strung on a twenty inch sterling silver ball chain. Anemone necklaces are £18.00 each.


  1. Hi Laura,
    these Anemone beads look great! Thank's so much for the tutorial.


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