Wednesday 22 May 2024

A bit more polka dottiness

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

Yet more polka dots, this time in a very Slytherinesque colour combination of black and green.

Opaque greens tend to react with themselves when used as stringer which means lines and dots develop darker centres which can look great.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

These 'Malfoy' beads have Effetre black 064 cores encased with Effetre light emerald green 028 and the polka dots are CiM Weeping Willow.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

The beads are for sale in my shop and tumble-etching is available at no extra cost.

In crochet news...


Crochet octopus tentacles

My littlest sister asked me to make her an octopus like one she'd seen on Instagram so I found the pattern on Etsy and last night I made a start on him. Emily wanted her octopus to be burnt orange with green suckers so that he matches her living room decor. 

The pattern is Anchor The Octopus by HumbleChildCo and the yarn is YarnArt Dolce which is a chunky and very soft chenille.


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