Thursday 6 June 2024

Blogging like it's 2008

I'm continuing to blog as if nobody's reading (because they aren't) as I'm convinced that blogging is going to make a comeback. Every day I see another person or two say that they're ditching Instagram and I don't blame them. Even if blogging doesn't make a comeback, I care not. I'm enjoying getting back into the swing of writing future blog posts in my head, taking photos of potentially bloggable things and not feeling any pressure to be seen or read, or feeling like I have to perform some weird meme-like behaviour in order to engage.

Anyway, if you recall, yesterday I was off down to the shed with no fixed idea of what I'd be making. I opened up my own bead gallery on Flickr and had a look through there and some 'Crocus' beads I made years ago took my eye so I made some of those.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

These are CiM Hollandaise encased with Effetre dark lavender and the spots and dots are CiM Lapis and Hollandaise, then they've been tumble-etched.

I also made these inky blue ones.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

These are CiM Lapis encased with Effetre light blue 052 with spots and dots in Effetre periwinkle 220 and CiM Lapis.

Sometimes I make beads that would look nice etched and sometimes, like in this case, I make beads that actually look better after tumble-etching. I make them knowing that the colours will work better together in their frosted state than their shiny one.

Handmade lampwork glass beads by Laura Sparling

Both of these bead sets can be found in my in my webshop.

The weather is cheering up a bit and things in the garden are starting to be colourful. We planted an orange climbing rose in the back garden yesterday so I hope that settles in and does its thing. This morning I took delivery of an hibiscus bush so I need to work out exactly where that's going to go.

My lavender has gone crazy. I got this from the local greengrocer a few years ago when it was a tiny plant and now it's huge.

Please excuse my washing line

I took cuttings from the lavender last year and I've planted those in another part of the garden so fingers crossed they end up crazy too.

I'm absolutely awful at growing edible stuff but the one thing I can normally grow is tomatoes. One of my foodbank colleagues, John, kindly gave me two tomato plants this year and they're just doing nothing. They're not dead but they're not really thriving either. I've done everything I normally do with a tomato plant but nope, I'm not holding out much hope for these fellas.

I never grow strawberries because I don't think I could grow enough to keep me strawberried up. I eat my own weight in strawberries every year. British strawberry season is here (I'm proper Nigel Farage about strawberries) and I'm in full strawberry mode.

Greek yoghurt, strawberries and walnuts

I normally have Greek yoghurt, blueberries, walnuts and a light drizzle of honey for breakfast but I've replaced the blueberries with strawberries and now my breakfast is like a pudding.

In crochet news...

My shawl pattern is currently being test crocheted by some ladies who kindly agreed to make sure I've not written a load of nonsense. It's oddly nerve-racking.

Crochet sunflowers

Meanwhile, I've started making some sunflowers which will become squares which will eventually become a throw. Blanket? Are throws and blankets the same thing? (I've just Googled and yes but no. Blankets are designed for warmth and throws can be used as casual cover-up-your-legs-and-feet-when-curled-up-on-the-sofa blankets but are typically more it-looks-fancy-draped-on-my-armchair decorative sort of things.) 

Anyway, the pattern is the Sunflower Throw by Libbycraftmakes on Etsy and I'm using good old Stylecraft Special DK.


  1. Hi Laura. I'm also experiencing a blogging renaissance right now and I'm really enjoying it. It's kind of like therapy. So if you enjoy it, blog regardless of others. Oh, and your lampwork beads are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! I’ve just looked at your blog and wow, your beadwork is so good! I’m glad you’re enjoying blogging too.

  2. I'm reading! Good to see you back on Blogger - I don't belong to Instagram & have enough trouble keeping up with what social media I do have, so it's good to see some activity on the old blog. I made a shawl with those sunflowers for a commission - made 2 of them actually - will you be joining them together with green & edging it with leaves? Great fun crocheting the sunflowers, a very quick fix!

    1. Hi Caroline! I hope you’re keeping well.

      Yep, the sunflowers will have a green edging with some leafy corners and then I’ll be joining the squares with cream.

      The shawls sound lovely.

  3. I'm really happy to hear I'm not the only one who is blogging again. My blog is the third in 18 years (due to changing carears several times).
    I only restarted because I shut my website, due to the fees tripling. The website had a blog which I hardly used as it was characterless, since restarting I have discovered how much I missed blogging. I too don't have many readers, so I'm talking to myself, but its addictive and I love it.
    I've virtually stopped posting on instagram & FB, the algorithms have cut my viewers to single digit's.
    Long live blogspot :-)

    1. Hello!

      I’ve had this blog for 17 years now and I always come back to it. There’s just aomething about blogging that no other social media platform has.

      I’m glad you ‘get’ the blogging thing too. I ditched Facebook years ago because, like Instagram now, nobody was seeing anything and if they were they just scrolled on by or simply whacked a like on a post. I do so appreciate commenters, especially blog commenters, because they’ve made an effort, you know? So yes, definitely hurrah for Blogspot!


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