Thursday, 27 March 2008

A 'Eureka!' Moment

Last night I was quite annoyed with my bead photos as they had terrible reflections on them from my lighting. Years ago I bought a light tent, gave it a go and was disappointed with the resulting photos so it's languished behind the sofa ever since.

Tonight I thought I'd give the light tent another try so I fished it out from behind the sofa, dusted it off and set it up. I was so pleased with the results! I now think it was my old camera that was the problem and not the light tent at all. These 'Crocodile Swirls' lentils were photographed in the tent and although they still have reflections they're not half as harsh or distracting as they were. I'm glad I only threw the light tent behind the sofa and not in the dustbin now!


Catherine said...

It does look really good Laura! Photography is so hard. I take loads of shots sometimes and not one of them looks any good.

The lentils are so scrummy! The colours are perfect.

Laura said...

Thanks Catherine!

Yes - I must take at least fifteen shots of one set of beads and then pick the best one. But sometimes it takes up to about forty shots to get a good photo. Thank goodness for digital cameras, eh?!

Manda said...

Mum and I use a light tent now and it does make such a difference but your pics have always been fab Laura but even so I can see a difference - fabbo beads as always !

Laura said...

Thanks Manda :o)

Your photos are fab. Your Mum is very good with that camera!

Laura x