Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Lots of 'Lonelies'

Total change of plan this afternoon. Sally came round with Robyn and the minute she walked through the door I could see that Robyn wasn't right. She looked pale and kept saying 'I'm freezing cold, Auntie Laura!' with a very sad look on her face. Sally took her temperature which was quite high so unfortunately we didn't go on our walk. She'd even brought Baby Annabell and Baby Chog (crazy name, but that's what Robyn calls her boy doll) who were going to come along with us in their pushchair. Robyn was so disappointed that she had to go home. So I told her we'd go next week and we'd take a picnic with us which seemed to please her. Shame - I was looking forward to an afternoon out!

So instead I spent this afternoon going through my 'Lonelies' jar and cleaning and stringing the contents together. Most beadmakers call their leftover beads 'orphan' beads. But you know me, I like to be a bit different so I call mine 'Lonelies'! This little lot can currently be found on eBay UK. Please click here if you'd like to take a closer look.


Caroline B said...

These look lovely but can't get the link to work - nyarg! Keeps getting the 'sign in' page.

Laura said...

Sorry! I put the wrong link in. Dur! I've changed it now, so it should work.

Laura x

Val Cox said...

gorgeous photo and bead collection. I love all the lonely beads brought together.

Laura said...

Thank you, Val! :o)

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

If only - I could do wonders with those Laura!!

Hope your Robyn is better now.

Jewellery Craft said...

Lovely lonelies!!!!!!!!