Monday, 24 March 2008

'Pure & Simple' Heart Focal

A heart bead with emphasis on colour and shape. Very glossy it is too!

These last few days I really haven't been in the mood for making beads and I can't quite put my finger on why. Hopefully normal bead service will resume shortly.

Oh, and while I'm here don't forget to send me your photos and copy for the My Beads, Your Work page. It's looking quite bare methinks.


Jewellery Craft said...

I love this heart, its gorgeous......I love it much!!!

You know something.....I've , sat at bead desk with no inspiration, mojo on holiday? I hate it when I can't create, perhaps I didn't eat enough chocolate!


Angie said...

Laura im feling th same, i go to my room and think naaa i cant be bothered and i dont know why either;( maybee its th weather!?

Laura said...

Well it's nice to know I'm not alone. Yeah it may well be the weather, Angie. It's all unsettled . . . and that's exactly how I feel at the moment too.

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Lovely beads you had on the site tonight though Laura! Hopefully you'll start feeling back to normal soon :)

J x

Laura said...

Thanks Janine! I'm sure I will be back to 'normal' soon! :o)

L x

Caroline B said...

The heart is sooo gloriously shiny! I think it's the weather, my creative juices have dried up too..

Catherine said...

I get that problem quite often - usually when I'm feeling miserable and then I feel even worse!! Not that I'm ALWAYS miserable! I can be quite happy occasionally.

Jo said...

Wow!! That heart is just so beautiful! Lovely and glossy and my colours too.

Laura said...

My beadmaking attention span is getting longer - thank goodness! Was worried there for a bit.

Thanks Jo. Glad you like it!

Laura x