Saturday, 15 March 2008

Customer Gallery

All the Starburst beads from last night posing nicely for a photo!

Now for my new Customer Gallery idea. As you know, I recently updated my website and the one page I haven’t got around to re-doing yet is the ‘My Beads, Your Work’ page.

I’ve been thinking about it and I want to do something different to what I had last time. Instead of a wall of photos I’d like to make the page into a ‘deluxe’ links page.

Each jewellery artist listed will have one photo of a piece of their work featuring my beads plus a few lines about them and their jewellery. There will also be a link to either the jewellery artist’s website, blog or Facebook/MySpace/Flickr page. If you don’t sell your work or if you don't have any work online but would still like to be featured then that’s absolutely fine!

So, if you’ve made jewellery with my beads and would like to be featured (note to self, repetition of 'featured', find alternative word) on the new-look ‘My Beads, Your Work’ page then please email me a good, clear photo of one of your pieces featuring my beads (the larger the file, the better), a few words about you and your work and the webpage address that you’d like me to link to.

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Jo said...

That's a great idea Laura - and it'll need less maintenance too! I'll send you something in the next day or two.
Jo x