Thursday, 27 March 2008


I said that last night I'd have beads for sale at 8.30pm but when the time came for me to upload the Freshly Baked Beads page I got an annoying message to say that the server was down. So I was fifteen minutes late with the new beads and then I had a barrage of emails from people all wanting the same beads as one another. I'm sorry if you didn't get the one/s you wanted.


Sue Doran said...

My sympathy, Laura, I've had e-mail problems lately and it's a nightmare when things go wrong due to no fault of yours. Love the newest beads, I will be looking out eagerly for your next offerings!

Laura said...

It is indeed a nightmare, Sue. Normally my webhosting people are a dream but they must've been doing some serious maintenance over the past few days because I've got intermittent POP3 email problems too.

Glad you like the new beads!

Laura x

Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

I got finger ache from refreshing! LOL Don't worry Laura these things happen and I'm sure you would have got lots of emails anyway :)

Janine xx

Catherine said...

My internet connection constantly drops in and out. It drives me totally insane!!!

Love the beads. Such gorgeous colours!!

Jewellery Craft said...

Must be the weather, my normally reliable connection was a total pain in the backside last night, I was on then off, then on, then off, then had to reboot then gave up and went to bed!

I didn't get my email warning me of freshly baked beads :( so missed it altogether........

Saving pennies for the next bead fest.


Laura said...

I didn't send an email out, Mandie. I only do that when I have four or more sets for sale.

I added some more beads for sale tonight.

Laura x