Tuesday 17 July 2007



This is all a little bit strange. I've read other people's blogs for a long time but I never intended to have one of my own. I do have a sort-of-blog on my website but I'm always aware of the fact that people normally visit my website in order to see what I've been up to bead-wise and they might not actually want to read my non-bead thoughts. Saying that, I know that some of my website visitors do like my random non-bead thoughts because they tell me they do and will often email me with matching random non-bead thoughts!

So why start a blog now?

Well, my wondeful friend Jennifer, who has a highly entertaining and captivating blog herself, has kindly awarded me a 'Schmooze Award'. This has finally made me get my arse in gear and has inspired me to create a blog upon which I can display my 'Schmooze Award'.

I will still post non-bead thoughts on my website but I will use this blog to post even more non-bead thoughts. Hey - I might even throw in a few bead-related thoughts from time to time too!

So many thoughts . . . . . .

I'm off now to find out how to add my award logo. I may well post again later . . .


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