Thursday 19 July 2007

Thought I'd show you this . . . .

As I was making beads today I was working on a doodle in my head. I know that may sound crazy but my brain very rarely stops thinking about beads, pictures and and designs. I've been doing quite a bit of sketching and drawing lately. I intend to turn some of said sketches and drawings into paintings in the near future - just got to find a spare few minutes!

And then it occurred to me that I've often wittered on about drawing and painting on my website but that you've never actually seen any of my creations. This was the first scannable (is that a word?) piece I could find. It's an acrylic painting of Boba Fett from Star Wars that I did a few years ago. He hangs on the wall in my shed. The canvas is smaller than A4 so you can imagine the size of the brush that I used for the detailed bits. I think it only had about three bristles!


  1. Well I think that the painting is fantastic!
    i now know how you manage to get the tiny little detail perfect on your beads - its cos you have practised on paintings lol!!

    much love
    bev xxx

  2. Thank you Bev!

    I've always said that my beads are similar to the way I paint and draw - tight lines and lots of detail.

    Thanks for your lovely words!

    Laura x

  3. What a talented lady you are! It's wonderful. A certain young gentleman has told me it's 'awesome'!

    May I wish you lots of luck for your blog!


  4. Thank you Jennifer!

    And tell Tom thanks too. :o)

    Laura x


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