Saturday 21 July 2007

Saturday Night Clapping

The beads above are called 'Retro Polka' but by rights they should be called 'Boyfriend's Flat' because a large number of items in my boyfriend's flat are brown and light blue! Brown and blue together always remind me of him.

So, it's Saturday night and the TV's on in the background. 'DanceX' is on (why did they call it that? It always sounds like 'Dance Sex' whenever anyone says it!) and there's the same old fame-hungry-saturday-night-talent-show-I'm-meant-to-do-this-and-my-life-will-be-rubbish-if-I-don't-win contestants throwing themselves about all over the stage while people clap. Saturday night clapping. What is it all about? Is there any other night of the week where TV studio audiences clap in time to opening/closing credit music and any other music in between? Crazy.


  1. What is it with men and brown-and-blue together? There's a guy at work who wears a brown suit and blue shirt/tie all the time. I could never bring myself to wear those two colours in the same outfit ... maybe it's just my colour sense is overly-sensitive. But (most importantly) the beads look fantastic.

  2. Thank you, Lisa!

    Yes - men do seem to love brown and blue together. Brown and cream is another man-favourite too.

    Laura x

  3. Just reading old posts...

    Brown with blue pin stripes is a gorgeous combination on one fantastically coifed Timelord I know of. :) Especially love the suit with white Chucks.


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