Wednesday 18 July 2007

New Beads & New Bead Ideas

Recently I've had a bout of beadmaker's block. I find this so frustrating - sitting at the torch and not being able to make a bead that I like really gets to me. After many hours sat doodling in my sketch book and studying art books I came up with a new design. The design was inspired by the work of Kandinsky and I have taken elements of his 'Composition VIII' and stylized them to create a new form of bead decoration. The beads above are an example of this.

Although beadmaker's block does happen from time to time after it has passed I always feel that my beadmaking has taken a new step. I know that sounds all la-la but this new Kandinsky-esque design has got me thinking about even more designs and I have an idea for a whole new range of beads. Just got to make the idea a glass reality now!


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