Tuesday 21 August 2007

8 Random facts about yours truly

Caroline from Uniqart has 'tagged' me and therefore I am dutybound to reveal eight random facts about myself :

1. I hate baked beans with a burning passion. If I ever come into contact with one I have to wash my hands immediately. I worked in a restaurant years ago and if I got put on the baked potato section I would wrap the handle of the baked bean ladel with a load of serviettes to prevent any baked bean juice getting on my hand. I cannot stand the little orange buggers!

2. I have what can only be described as an obsession with pens. I love them. W H Smith and Paperchase are like an Aladdin's Cave to me. I like proper ink pens - none of this gel ink malarkey, mind.

3. I love 'The Office'. I watch the whole lot (Series 1, 2 and the Christmas specials) weekly. My week doesn't feel complete unless I've seen Gareth Keenan being an idiot. In fact, I think 'The Office' would be my Mastermind specialist subject.

4. I don't like dogs. I don't have a fear of them and I've never been bitten by one - I just don't like them. I don't mind seeing them about or walking by them in the street, I just don't like them near me or me having to make contact with them.

5. The first film I ever saw at the cinema was ET. I was six at the time and I've never seen ET since. It freaked me out good and proper and I hold it entirely responsible for my irrational fear of aliens. Not of aliens in general, though and in fact I quite like the idea that there are planets full of other beings somewhere. I just get freaked out about the thought of them visiting Earth in an Independence Day/Close Encounters/Men in Black kind of way.

6. I can't stand spelling mistakes. I hate seeing them in newspapers, magazines, on signs - anywhere. Oh, and I also can't stand it when people use 'K's instead of 'C's and 'Z's instead of 'S's. Like 'Kool Kats' or 'Bitz and Bobz'. Grrrrrrrrrr.

7. I have a very good memory but I cannot for the life of me remember numbers. The only phone numbers I know off by heart are my home one and my sister's home number. I totally rely on calendars and diaries for remembering birthdays. I don't even know what number bus I need to get into town - I have to look it up.

8. I don't drive a car. The thought of driving a car fills me with dread. I ride a Vespa instead which people (normally car drivers) just don't get. They say that riding a bike on the road must be scarier than driving a car. No. Not for me. I've driven a car but I turn into a gibbering wreck behind the wheel. Cars are just not my bag.

So there you have it. Eight random facts about me. I'm supposed to 'tag' eight other people to do the same but seeing as I'm relatively new to the world of the blog I don't have an extensive collection of contacts to call upon. And anyone that I would have tagged has already been tagged by someone else.

And now I look like a Belinda-No-Blog-Mates. Ah well.

The one person I'll tag is Janine at Cherished Trinkets. So Janine, if you're reading this you need to :

a.) Let others know who 'tagged' you.
b.) Post eight random facts about yourself.
c.) Post these rules.
d.) Tag another eight people and notify them that they've been tagged.


  1. Well done! So, an alien dog eating baked beans would just about finish you off, huh!
    I'm with you on the spelling thing - duz my hed in, no, I can't even joke about it...

  2. Ha! Yeah that'd be a nightmare!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's irritated by spelling mistakes. ;o)

    Laura x

  3. Horray! another 'Office geek'. I love that programe! Gareth band his Gun Holster' mobile phone holder is my ultimate fave!!! and I did actually cry at the Office Christmas special when Dawn and Tim fianally got together!

    I am now soooo paranoid about writing my comments in case there is a little spelling mistake lurking in there to push you over the edge

    Janine :)

  4. Don't be paranoid, Janine! ;o)

    I cried at The Office Christmas special too. The bit where Dawn opens the paints and there's the little note from Tim always gets me. Dawn and Tim getting together really made my Christmas the year they showed it. Aren't I a sap?!

    Gareth's gun/phone holster is classic. I also love his face when he goes off in the sidecar with that married couple he meets in Chasers. Priceless!

    Laura x

  5. Oh my! I forgot all about that! I am dragging The Office DVDs out very soon! :D

    J x

  6. ah yes- bad spelling is rather annoying isn't it.
    poor doggies! :0(((


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