Wednesday, 15 August 2007


A new bead design from me. I'm calling these my 'Anemone' beads because they look like little sea anemones caught in glass. These ones are periwinkle blue and white. They have the most incredible depth that you just can't see from the photo.

These are implosion beads. You kind of make the bead from the inside out and end up 'folding' the glass in on itself to create an awesome effect. They're quite tricky to make (lots of swearing and failed attempts involved) but the finished product is well worth the beadmaking stress!

I'd love to know what you think of them.


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Well I just think they are blumming gorgeous Laura! Certainly one of my faves! Definately worth all of the 'bead stress'

Janine xx

Laura said...

Thank you, Janine!

Laura x

fhiona galloway said...

these are so lovely! They really do look like they have flowers/anemones inside them.
sure they'll be sold very soon.
Thanks for your well wishes on my blog Laura xx

Caroline B said...

I think all your beads are so lovely - little works of art, each one! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Laura said...

Fhiona and Caroline

Thank you so much for yur compliments! Much appreciated.

Laura x

Gemheaven said...

Fantastic Laura - as always!!

Viv said...

one word.... WOW !! :O) Viv xx