Friday, 3 August 2007

More enamel beads

I'm still having fun making enamel beads - I just love the orchid and purple tones of the beads pictured.

Oh, and my curly hair is officially back! Not that you're probably concerned, bothered or interested but I just wanted to tell someone the good news!


Gemheaven said...

Oh my goodness I love your new beads!!!!

Congratulations on your curly hair!!

Laura said...

Thank you, Jo!

I'm so pleased that my curls are back - turned out I wasn't scrunching enough!

Laura x

the art of curiosity said...

Laura, what luscious beads - such a lavish use of colour! I adore them.These are beads to relish & savour :-)

Your customers are SO lucky - I'm green with envy! I never have any luck with bead releases ( can you hear my loud & anguished sobs?) so I will have to admire from afar. But I'm not a party pooper so good Luck to everyone else!

Laura said...

Thank you Jennifer!

Yes - these ones went in record time but I had such a lot of lovely emails about them that I'm going to make more.

Laura x

the art of curiosity said...

That's music to my ears!! Next time you release some beads into the wild, I'm going to cross my fingers, get Lula to walk in front of me with her black robotic cat, borrow Ellie's best friend's rabbit & stroke its foot & pray!

I can't beat thirty seconds though. That's an amazing response. Many well deserved congratulations :-)

Crafted Gems said...

oooooooooooo those blue ones are really nice

Anonymous said...

Wondered what had happend to the curls.