Thursday 9 August 2007

Beads, Beads, Beads

It's been one heck of a busy bead week! Last night I had fifteen - yes fifteen - sets of beads for sale and they all sold very quickly. I'm very lucky to have such lovely bead customers.

I know I often say this but I really do wonder what becomes of my beads when they reach their new homes. I absolutely love seeing photographs of jewellery that my customers have made with my glasswork. So if you have any photos please do email them to me.


  1. I have some pictures to send you but I thought I may as well wait until my site i finished. I really love looking through the customers gallery at the wonderful things that people make!

  2. Yeah - that way I can link to you. Can't wait to see your photos, Janine!

    Glad you like the customer gallery.

    Laura x

  3. these beads look scrummy. Beautiful colours and texture...very inspirational!!
    Thanks for showing!

  4. Your enamelled beads are utterly wonderful - I'm smitten. But woe is me - our broadband service is simply too slow to compete with all your lucky, fast fingered customers :-(

    Please don't think I'm moaning - far from it! I think the schemes adopted by many beadmakers are the fairest & most equitable way of ensuring that as many customers as possible are able to lay hands on your treasures. And of course, there are the auction possibilities too.

    It's the end for me though, but I wish you enormous luck & great good fortune - you richly deserve it! You've always had my support (how many years is it now?)& I look forward to watching you go from strength to strength :-)

    May the force be with you!!

    Jennifer xox


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