Sunday 23 September 2007

'Kamino' Beads

I love making these glimmery beads! Every single one is different and the way the fine silver reacts with the glass is just magical.


  1. These are so pretty, and the hollow bead was stunning. How can you bear to let some of them go!

  2. Thank you, Caroline!

    When I had all these Kamino beads in my hand last night I was sooooo tempted to keep them and turn them into something for me.

    I guess I can let them go because I know that if I ever want any more I can make them. Strange thing is, I never get around to it ....

  3. Pooop missed them again - stunning Laura as always!!

    And love your comment - thanks for the sympathy!!

  4. i love these-so like under the can imagine some little fishies swimming away in there!!

  5. Love all the beads Laura as you know! :) I so know what you mean about not making stuff for yourself, I think I only have one thing that I've made all for me!!! I just stay safe in the knowledge that I can make something if I want to!

    J x


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