Friday 21 September 2007

Long time, no blog!

I've been quiet again but I have good reason. I've been on holiday, then it was my birthday but now I'm back making beads again like those ones up there that are currently on eBay.

Talking of beads, the world seems to have gone silver core beads mad. When I got back from holiday I waded through my fat and bulging email inbox and found three emails asking me if I could start making silver core beads.

I've been asked this several times before. Now I am a the proud owner of a Pandora bracelet which my friend Elaine gave me for my birthday I can see the appeal of the silver cores. My beadmaking buddy Helen at Beady Bugs has been giving me all sorts of silver core advice which I am extremely grateful for. You can see Helen's amazing silver core beads by clicking here.

And yes, after some go-on-mate-have-a-go emails from Helen I've decided to give this silver coring malarkey a try so I will keep you posted with regard to progress . . . . . . .


  1. Ah has HP been advising you on silver cores too, she's been doing the same with me, lol

  2. Yep, Caroline - HP's a definite star!

  3. Now I need to learn a chainmaille weave that fits these babies hun?!!

    Now women stop chatting and go make me more beads to try and buy ;0)

  4. oh Jo, your so bossy!!!

    Yeah HP is a star, she even ordered my mandrels for me and sent them up, i can't wait to get started although i've still got a few bits to buy, can't wait to see yours Laura

  5. Well, I started bashing about today. Broke two beads (my poor little bead babies!) but I'm going to have another go tomorrow. I'm getting there . . . .


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