Wednesday 5 September 2007


I love red. It's such a good colour. But it's got to be the right kind of red to be good. I'm not a fan of reds that are too orange, too pink or too brown. I like crimson - pure red. Red shoes, red t-shirts, red jewellery, Darth Maul's lightsaber - I even oohed-and-aahed over a red Dalek I saw in Forbidden Planet the other week. (You wouldn't normally catch me oohing-and-aahing over any other kind of Dalek.)

These red beads will be for sale this evening.

I'm off to the dentist now. I've got an appointment with the hygienist. I'm not nervy about this dentist visit as I know what to expect. No pain except the pain of handing over forty pounds at the end of it!


  1. Ohhh Laura I'm a huge red fan too - I have on today a red cardigan , red shoes and have my red handbag lol!!

    Fingers crossed lol

  2. Lovely beads, nice rich shade. Just been to the dentist today too - only I parted with £90 - ouch!

  3. Red rocks, Jo!

    Caroline - £90 at the denstist. Ouch indeed!

    Laura x


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