Thursday, 27 September 2007

'Strawberry Fusion' and a chocolate observation

More new 'Fusion' beads. Can you tell that I'm loving making beads in this new design?!

This next thing is random but I thought I'd say it anyway. Us chocolate lovers quite often moan that Creme Eggs are smaller, Wagon Wheels are definitely half the size they used to be and that you get less Chocolate Buttons in a packet than you used to. (Well, I moan about those things, anyway!) But, last night as I was watching 'Heroes' and munching my way through a big bag of Minstrels I noticed that they've made them bigger! They have definitely grown. Hurrah! Big thank you to the Minstrel makers!

See? A totally random observation but it made this chocoholic happy!


Gemheaven said...

Ohhh I'll have to buy a bag to check now lol

(Beautiful red * sigh beads again!!)

Caroline B said...

Don't forget Curly-Wurly's and Walnut Whips - both smaller...
Love those leaf beads you had for sale tonight. Will there be more?

Laura said...

Yeah, bet you will, Jo! ;o)

Thanks Caroline - yes, there will be more next week.

Laura x