Sunday, 17 February 2008

You know it's cold when . . . . .

. . . . . you go into your shed and the kiln reads -6 and your water jug is frozen solid! Brrrrr.

It's nice and sunny, though. I'm off out to make beads as soon as the shed's warmed up a bit. I mentioned Weezer yesterday and I thought I'd share one of my favourite Weezer songs and videos with you. It's 'Island In The Sun' and if you've not seen the video before prepare to go 'Aw!'. I bet you can't help smiling at it :


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

I love this song Laura! and I love the geekyness of Weezer... so cool! Don't you just love ipods? I don't know how I lived without mine before! There's nothing better than getting all creative with all your fave songs playing in your ears! Bliss :)

Janine xx

Beth said...

Thanks Laura, BIG smiles, that is SO lovely and the Weezer boys look pretty good too!

Laura said...

I do indeed love my iPod, Janine. I've got an 80GB Classic and it's my pride and joy! I've got loads of movies on it as well as songs.

Beth - the boys certainly do look good. Oh, Rivers Cuomo *sigh* :o)

Laura x

Caroline B said...

I want a bear..can I have a bear? Great clip, thanks for showing it.

the art of curiosity said...

Love it! What a fabulous video! Thanks for the introduction to Weezer - I'm off to the iTunes store right now.

I'm besotted with my iPod & the Bose system is excellent - I'd recommend it to anyone. My family & neighbours might not like the fact that I can now carry speakers around from Shack to study to bedroom, but me...I'm in seventh heaven.

Actually I think Weezer shot their video in my idea of heaven :-)

Jennifer xox

Jewellery Craft said...

Awwwww, aint that sweet! 1st time I've seen the video, its brill, a real cheerer upper!!!

My ipod an me go everywhere together, never to be parted!!

Mandie xx

Laura said...

Aw - I'm pleased you all like the video!

Jennifer - Weezer's 'Green' album is a good place to start. I've been looking at iPod docks and I was considering a Bose one. (I currently hook the iPod up to a pair of Philips speakers in the shed but they just don't go loud enough!) I think I'll be getting a Bose one then - thanks for the recommendation. :o)

Laura x

fhiona galloway said...

oh my! how wonderful-lovely song and fabulous video!
How lucky are those guys to be with those fantastic animals.
the bit with the chimp reaching up to kiss the guy almost made me cry-so beautiful.
how can anyone hurt animals!
I'll need to check out Weezer now on itunes.

Cheers Laura fro brightening an already lovely day! :0)

Laura said...

Fhi - Rivers and the chimp is my favourite bit in that video. It's really sweet!

Pleased you liked it! :o)

Laura x