Friday, 21 November 2008

Prize Draw Winner

Lego TombolaThis photo is of my prize draw Lego 'tombola' which my dad built for me today. Is that ever-so-slightly random or what? I think Dad actually quite enjoyed the challenge of making it and he even used a window brick with a fire logo on it to link it in with the lampwork. It works really well - winding the handle shuffled the tonne of names up an absolute treat!

Then I opened the Lego Fabuland (anyone else remember that stuff?) door to pick a winner and that lucky person is :

Well done, Ali. I'll email you for your address and I'll get the purple beads in the post to you. I hope you like them!

Thanks to all who entered - it was my biggest prize draw yet! I shall do another one sometime before Christmas.


Janine- Cherished Trinkets said...

Oh wow! That is fantastic, I am really impressed with your Dads work! The little fire brick is so cute!! He should be very proud of himself!

J xx

BeadyPool said...

Ahh lego - bought my hubby a formula one car to make last year, took him at least 2 days. It was technical lego! Loving the tombola that is one fantastic creation - very impressive.
Can't wait to see what Ali does with those gorgeous beads.

Kelly B said...

Wow, your dad is mega clever, I am so impressed with that!!

Well done Ali.

Kelly B

Laura said...

It's good - makes a change from my usual chuck-the-names-in-a-pot drawings.

Veryan - Lego Technic is fab. The last set I had a few years ago was a HUGE space shuttle with fibre optics and everything. Such fun!

Beady Bugs said...

OMG - genius!! I love Lego, and want one!! LOL! :-) I always knew your dad was a clever bunny - you should send the plans to Lego. ;-)

And congratulations Alison!

Loving those stripy lentils btw - no idea how you did them.

HP xxx

ladymeme123 said...

Congads Alison! Show us what you do with those lovely purple beads. Laura I love your Lego page and your dad did a great job. How sweet of him.


Ali P said...

Thanks Laura and everyone else for your congrats - I was so excited when I got the email from Laura, this is my first bead prize draw win. I've been a bit slow off the mark this week checking in with all the blogs so have only just seen the fab tombola - I loved Lego when I was little too (I had a whole Fabuland village on a board under my bed ;) but haven't had an excuse to play until recently as we bought my other half's son some Indiana Jones Lego for his birthday - needless to say I was right in there offering my assistance :)
Ali x

Laura said...

Yes, I think I'll be keeping the Lego tombola for all future prize draws!

Pleased you're pleased, Ali. Send me a pic of what you make with the beads, won't you?

The Indy lego does look fun - I've no excuse to buy it because my niece likes the pink girly lego and has no idea whatsover as to who Indiana Jones is! Nice to know that you remember Fabuland too, Ali. ;o)