Saturday 16 May 2009

Ginger & Lemon

Ginger & Lemon CupcakesSally, Paul and the children are visiting today so I did my usual cake-baking thing. These ones are ginger and lemon and I have to say that they are really nice - I had one for breakfast! The recipe is from Kate Shirazi's fabulous Cupcake Magic book. I've topped the cakes with lemon cream cheese frosting and decorated them with slivers of candied ginger and tiny lemon jelly wedges.

I'll post again later today as I have photos of some wonderful jewellery creations by Joy Funnell to show you.


  1. AWESOME, they look like little Jolly Rogers! Or should I say, Jelly Rogers? ;) Tangy swashbuckling fabulousness. :)

  2. HOW do you make your cupcakes LOOK like that? Mine look -- rode hard and put up wet or something.

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Ha! Lori - I spend far too long faffing about, being way too meticulous and generally annoying my very self. ;o)


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