Monday 4 May 2009

Yesterday's Pudding

Homemade Key Lime PieKey Lime Pie. It's not a full-on-traditional Floridian Key Lime Pie but it is dang tasty!

I used this recipe for it. After grating eight limes and then juicing them all my hands smelt pretty citrusy. I then went back to finishing off my green socks and I kept looking at the yarn and thinking 'I can smell lime!' which I could, of course. I think if my green socks had a smell they would indeed be lime. And now I sound like a complete nutter so I think I'll leave it there and go and clean some beads .....


  1. Holy moly this look amazing

  2. It's really nice - you should give the recipe a go. Those ingredients make one heck of a whopper of a pie. I've still got some left after three days and as far as puddings and I go, that's a record!


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