Friday 1 May 2009

Heart Focals

Lampwork Glass Heart BeadsThese beads are pretty much an exercise in shape and the sheer loveliness of glass, as opposed to intricate design. Each heart is shaped by hand - no bead press was used. I spent ages getting each one just right. It may sound pretentious but I can honestly say that these are perfect heart shapes. Symmetrical, even and smooth.

These would make gorgeous pendants. Very weddingy, too.

If you'd like to buy one they'll be for sale, along with a few others, on my website at 8.30pm tonight.


  1. Oh how gorgeous are those..."puts note in diary to be free at 8.30pm" - you so know I will forget :)
    Hope you had fun making them VX

  2. You're right, these are absolutely perfect. I love their purity of form, there's no room for mistake there.

    I'm glad you're making beads again Laura!

  3. These are the most perfectly shaped lampwork heads I've ever seen! Lush <3

  4. they are so very lovely & perfect...yum

  5. These are stunning Laura, soo pretty and yummy xx

  6. Your work always astounds me Laura, such a gorgeous idea well executed!


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