Thursday 7 May 2009

Mister Cupcake says .....

Mister Cupcake"Hey Beadpeeps! It's Mister Cupcake here with a newsflash for you.

Laura is going to have a little break from making Cupcake beads and pendants.

The response to them has been overwhelming and she needs to catch up on her backlog of orders and have a bit of a holiday from them. She says she's got to the point where she's actually dreaming of cupcakes. I think she should take that as a sign that she needs to lay off them for a bit. (Plus I think she's talking about herself in the third person which is never a good thing, is it?!)

Please place any orders you have for Cupcakes by midday (UK time) on Monday 11th May and all orders will be despatched by the end of the month. Please click here to place your order.

Fear not, the other Cupcake beads and I will be back in a couple of months ..... oh and Laura has also asked me to say thank you very much indeed for all your orders and wonderful comments about her cake beads. She says it's really nice to know that you all like them so much!"


  1. Oh dear! That's what you get for going national! I'm glad I got my cupcakes in time - how many have you made so far in total? Must be mind-boggling!

  2. Mr Cupcake is very clever :) Can he do housewaork as well;)


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