Tuesday 4 August 2009

'A Fiori'

Lampwork Glass Beads By Laura SparlingI do like pink and green together. It's one of those colour combinations that just works. You can use various hues - hot pink and lime green, candy pink and mint green, deep magenta and dark bottle green and so on, and the colours will just sing together.

Lampwork Glass Beads By Laura SparlingI made the dusky pink beads in this set first and then set about finding a green that would work nicely with them. I decided upon this wonderful soft sage green, created by layering glasses. The beads are decorated with tiny white flowers with raised lavender centres. The name 'A Fiori' means 'flowery' in Italian.

The photographs could have been better but there's not much you can do when the August sky is grey and dreary. Flippin' weather - one minute it's sunny and the next it's pouring down. I don't want a heatwave but some August sunshine would be nice!

These beads will be for sale on my website tonight.


  1. Gosh, wouldn't those green beads match the shawl I just made perfectly!! I love pink & green too.

  2. These are stunning, I love the green and pink combo too xx

  3. Oh Laura, these are pretty, i love these colours together, never tried them before,

  4. It's so beautiful. I like pink & green too

  5. Hmmm that isn't a foxglove colour combo I spy is it???? very lovely Laura Vxx


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